Sunday, October 7, 2012

Coming Soon on HDB... (10/7/12)

Last week was a little spotty I know. It's T-minus 2 weeks to the wedding and my brain is a little mushy! These next two weeks will be a little less than normal. 

On the bright side, there's a lot of great stuff coming up this week. So let's get to it!



To start the week, a review of Luthecker by Keith Domingue. This is a thriller that has captured my imagination and I'm still not even quite done! This might go up tomorrow or Tuesday depending on when I finish the book, but I'll be sure to let you know what I think!


Wednesday I'll be reviewing Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone. So excited for this one! Steampunk to the max, and I just can't wait to devour it.


Thursday is another review, and this time of a ZOMBIE BOOK! Okay look, I love zombies. Those undead bastards make me smile. This book? Fabulous. Undead Reckoning will get my full fan girl review on this day.


To round out the review week, I'll be raving about Velveteen by Daniel Marks. Vengeance, purgatory, awesome characters. That's all you'll get from me until this day.


Finally, Saturday you'll be able to learn more about Mike Slabon! He's the author of that awesome book up there, Undead Reckoning and he'll be bringing along a giveaway as well! So keep your eyes peeled.


As always thanks for being a follower!

I promise things will be much more back on track after the wedding ;). Until then, much love for sticking with me!


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