Friday, September 7, 2012

Wedding time!

Hi there lovely readers!

In case you didn't know, future hubby and I are getting married this year. In less than 6 weeks, I'll be a married woman! I know, I can't believe it either. My brain is still trying to wrap itself around all the time that has seriously flown by.

A little less than 10 years ago we started dating.

Last year we got engaged.

This year, we'll be married.

Whoa. Time flies!

Anyway this is me letting you know that I might not be around as much as usual! My posts for the next month or so will be cut down to whatever is already scheduled (p.s. there are a lot of giveaways coming up!) and reviews that I have time to write. Sometimes things around here might be as full as always, and other weeks not. Just be prepared. I promise I'm not abandoning you! I just have lots of things to do before the big day :).

So big hugs, and thanks for sticking with me! As always, you make it all worth while.


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