Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This or That? with Daniel Marks, plus win Velveteen!

Today's guest, as promised, is Daniel Marks! This fabulously talented man is the author of the upcoming debut, Velveteen. He's here today for a round of This or That with some amazing answers! 

In his own words, here's a bit about the man himself:
Daniel Marks writes young adult horror and fantasy, spends way too much time glued to the internets and collects books obsessively (occasionally reading them). He’s been a psychotherapist for children and adolescents, a Halloween store manager, and has survived earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons to get where he is today, which is to say, in his messy office surrounded by half empty coffee cups. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Caroline, and three furry monsters with no regard for quality carpeting. None. Velveteen is his debut YA fantasy (Delacorte/Random House Kids). 
Follow the author on Twitter: @dannymarksya
Check out his YouTube channel! youtube.com/dannymarksya


It's time for another round of  THIS OR THAT!?!

Shoes or Sandals? Do flip flops count as sandals? Because I couldn’t live without my flipflops!

White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? Dark, but since that wasn’t an option, I’ll go with milk. As an aside: I make chocolates at home!

Ebooks or Paper Books? Although I have a Nook (I’m actually on my second, a Touch), I still prefer paper books, probably because I’m such an addicted collector.

Hike or Bike? Definitely hike. I walk everyday and try to hike the trails around our house at least three times a week. I’m up to six miles a day.

Dancing or Singing? Singing. I sing all the time. Of course, the only ones who can hear me are my dogs (I work at home).

Email or Snail Mail? Email, though I don’t get excited about it like I do when there’s some card or unusual envelope in my mailbox!

Cook or Order In? Cook. Definitely. If I ever add a segment to my Youtube channel (http://youtube.com/user/dannymarksya), it’ll be a cooking show. I’m the primary cook at home and before I decided to write, I was nearly ready to go to culinary school to become a chef. Still might.

Dark Side or Light Side? Dark. I’m all about the darkside of everything. Music, books, comedy. I think I have an aversion to vanilla.


Nothing bad about an author who likes to live on the dark side. Hey, it makes for interesting writing fodder if nothing else, right? Thanks bunches to Daniel Marks for stopping by and playing along!

And now...it's GIVEAWAY TIME!

In order to share this wonderful book, I am offering up my ARC of Velveteen to one lucky winner.
To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below! Open to U.S. addresses only. Ends 10/1/12.


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