Friday, September 28, 2012

Leigh T. Moore visits, plus win a copy of The Truth About Faking!

Please welcome to the blog the lovely, and talented, Ms. Leigh T. Moore! She is the author of The Truth About Faking, a YA contemporary romance novel. Cute, sweet, and fun!

Leigh is here today to share with all of you a little bit about her writing process and to share a copy of her book as well! Yup, that's right. You'll get a chance to enter to win a copy of this romance for your very own. You lucky ducks you.

So without further ado, here's Leigh!

First, a big THANKS! to Jessica for inviting me here today. Her suggestion was for me to talk about my process of writing The Truth About Faking.

TTAF was the first book I wrote where I just plowed straight through the first draft without stopping. I had the story clear in my head, and I wrote it all in about two weeks. (Of course, then I spent several months revising.)

Originally, it was going to be a very serious book dealing with Harley’s broken home and the fallout for her “Reverend Dad” and her family. But then Jason crashed into the story.

I know, he crashes in during the first scene—but when he and Harley began interacting, they had great chemistry. I let them take over the story and stopped forcing it to follow my original plan.

Harley tries to resist Jason for the longest time. He’s impulsive, a “bad influence,” not the ideal gentleman she has in mind. But by Chapter 7, she’s a total goner for him. Then she has to figure out how to change her mind.

And that was a big part of the fun. Harley is so stubborn, but Jason is about as stubborn about getting what he wants, which is her. At the same time, he’s laid back and teasing where Harley’s more focused and planning.

Watching worlds like that collide is always fun—especially when there’s a cute boy and kissing. J Their scenes together at the creek were probably my favorite to write, and readers have said those scenes are their favorites to read.

So what started out as a sad book in the planning stage came out more light-hearted. Drama still occurs and the book still deals with serious issues, but I think rather than walking away sad, readers leave warm and happy.

That’s a good thing, right?

Thanks again, Jessica! Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys like my book. J


Thank YOU Leigh for taking the time to visit! She's not kidding about the chemistry either. Jason and Harley are adorable together! You'll have to read the book to find out ;).

You can find Leigh T. Moore at her Blog, her Facebook page, or her Goodreads profile.

**********'s giveaway time!
Thanks to Leigh's kindness, I am able to offer up a copy of The Truth About Faking to one lucky winner! Since this is a hard copy of the book, U.S. only please.

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