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Five of Nine... a guest post and giveaway by Sandra Brannan!

Hello my fellow bibliophiles! As you may have guessed from the last two reviews, it's been all about Liv Bergen here on the blog! Liv is the brain child of the amazing author Sandra Brannan, and I've been following her through her crazy escapades over the last three books in the series. 

You might recall that the newest one is Widow's Might:

Which is fabulous by the way! I reviewed it earlier today, and you can find my fangirlish thoughts HERE.

I digress though. Sandra Brannan's newest addition to the series, Liv's sister Elizabeth, is here today to share with you a little about herself and her family! Read on, enjoy, and make sure to scroll to the bottom for a fabulous giveaway. Over, and out.


Five of Nine…

Jessica asked me to introduce myself to all you Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophiles. Hello, you
little biblios, you! I’m Liv Bergen’s older sister, Elizabeth. Well, to be accurate, I’m more like
one of her older sisters. She has five of us. And an older brother. And a younger brother. And a
younger sister. Confused yet? Me too. Liv’s the seventh born and I’m the fifth. Five of nine
children. Smack dab in the middle. The Jan Brady of the Bergen bunch.

Although most of our family lives in South Dakota near our mom and dad, I live in Colorado
with my husband near Liv and the sister between us in age, Frances. Today, I am a developer,
building a campus for wayward boys in South Dakota near Rochford. I don’t mind since the
Moonshine Gulch is nearby and they have the absolute best cheeseburgers in the world. And my
hair is brown and yellow (anticipating the inevitable question that Liv’s friends always seem to
ask me… just saying). For the bees, of course. It’s a long story, but if you read Widow’s Might,
an account by the FBI thoroughly documented in subsequent interviews, you’ll see how I ended
up building a bunkhouse and tending bees. Crap. That’s kinda how my life goes, especially
if Liv is somehow involved. As far as what I do for a living, I like to consider myself eclectic
when it comes to career choices. Firefighter, graphics artist, EMT, demolition… I can’t even
remember all the jobs I’ve had. My favorite was working at the meat packing plant before I
married Michael. I quit when he got an allergic reaction to the smell that lingered on my clothes
when I came home from work. Rendering plant worker.

Enough about me. Have you enjoyed the Liv Bergen Mystery Series? Liv is solid, genuine,
in case you’re wondering. She’s a rock. You’ve got to meet her, if you haven’t already. But
don’t get too close. She’s like staring into the sun, but more like getting sucked into critical mass
(don’t tell her I told you that… she hates when we call her CM or Critical Mass).

And what about Jessica Torres? Isn’t she awesome? Every time I see Jessica, she’s carrying
a book. Hopefully, the next time I see her, she’ll be carrying Widow’s Might and so will all
of you. The more witnesses on how Liv is always dragging me into her vortex of danger and
destruction, the better chance I have of surviving them!


Well, I'll tell you what Elizabeth, you're pretty awesome yourself! You and Liv both. I just hope my readers are excited to see just how awesome you truly are.


Up for grabs is your choice of any of the Liv Bergen mysteries. Yup, you heard me right! You can choose In the Belly of Jonah, Lot's Return to Sodom or Widow's Might and I'll send you a paperback copy.
So whether you're a newbie to this series, or a veteran, I've got you covered!

This is open wherever Book Depository ships.

I'll pick a winner on August 14, 2012. Good luck!

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