Monday, August 20, 2012

Coming Soon on HDB... (8/20/12)

Yes, I know this is way late and I apologize lovely followers! It's down to 2 months before our wedding, so if I'm gone a lot or scatterbrained (more than normal) you know why. Bear with me! I'm still here :).

Let's see what's coming up this week...


Tomorrow you'll find a review of Brenda Pandos' Evergreen on the blog. This is the sequel to Everblue which I LOVED last year! Can't wait!


What books should YOU have your eye on? Let me rave at you a bit, and hopefully add some new reads to your TBR!


Another review today, this time of Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry. I have one made up word for you about this one: "OMGLOVESOMUCH". I think that speaks for itself.


Friday is all about Katie McGarry herself! You'll get to read a Q&A with her and...*drumroll please* ENTER TO WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK! Squee!


(Essentially this means I don't know what's going up this day... Stay tuned to find out!)


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