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TV Shows and The Emerald Isle: A guest post by Kate Hinderer + goodies!

Good morning lovely readers! If you're just stopping by for the day, please make sure to welcome Kate Hinderer! She is the author of Aurora Undefined (which I loved last year) and now of the upcoming book The Emerald Isle.

To escape a bad break-up and fighting parents Audyn takes a job as a lifeguard at Fascination Island. The posh five-star resort lives up to its name in every way, including the strange rules the owner has about entering the water at night. Despite declaring it a boy-free summer, it isn’t long before the shy, endearing Levi and the mysterious, tattooed Tristan begin vying for her attention. When Levi tries to push his advantage and Tristan comes to the rescue, Audyn realizes there is more to both these boys and the island they inhabit. Suddenly, she’s forced to acknowledge a reality she’d never considered and to pick a side in the conflict that has been waging for decades.
I can tell you that Kate Hinderer is a wonderful Indie author! You should definitely check out both her books! In the meantime though, it is TV week here on the blog. Check out Kate's picks for TV inspiration, then make sure to scroll on down to the bottom for giveaway info. Enjoy!


TV Shows and The Emerald Isle

Hi. I’m author Kate Hinderer and I’m pleased to be guest posting for the day as part of the book blog tour for The Emerald Isle. For this stop on the tour, I figured I would talk about the TV shows I watch and how that impacted the book I wrote, or perhaps it was the other way around.

Growing up I had an obsession with ER and then with American Idol in its early days. But to be honest, I was never one to be faithfully watching TV shows. I’d catch a couple episodes of a popular show while babysitting or at a sleepover. But it wasn’t until recently that I started being a regular viewer.

When I started writing The Emerald Isle I wasn’t much into paranormal shows. I knew what I wanted to say, the story I planned to write. I knew the characters and the mysterious elements. But what I didn’t know was the aura that I wanted to surround the place and the happenings.

I started watching The Vampire Diaries… now I’m a little obsessed with Damon and Elena. I loved the idea of paranormal in the midst of small town life. I liked that mix of contemporary with fantasy. It was something I wanted to capture in Fascination Island.

I’m also loving Once Upon A Time. Again magical mixed with normalcy. Seeing a trend here? I also love Emma’s character. She’s tough as nails and is fierce. She doesn’t back down and she isn’t a weakling. I wanted Audyn to be strong all on her own and not have to rely on someone else for strength in the time of crisis.

In January, as I finished the edits of the book, I became hooked to Jane By Design. It doesn’t have paranormal elements, but Jane’s character is just so stinking adorable, as is her best friend, Billy. I love creating a male character that can be a friend to the main female character. Tim is that character in this book.

I’m also a huge fan of suspense and mystery series. I love Lie To Me (I’m totally bummed it’s off the air), NCIS: Los Angeles, Law and Order: SVU, etc…


Thank you so much for stopping by Kate!

Giveaway info time!
On Kate's other blog, ModlyChic, she is offering up a fabulous prize pack. Seriously, go enter. You can win:

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Good luck! Also don't forget to leave some love for her either here, or there. We all know the comment love makes the world go round ;). Thanks for stopping by.



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