Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mud, Blood and Motocross: A post on friendship and a giveaway!

Today on the blog we have Mick Wade! He is here to share info about his new book Mud, Blood and Motocross and to talk about friendship. Also? If you read on there is a giveaway to be had! Make sure to check out the shaded area for your information on how to enter. As always, I highly encourage saying thanks to this fabulous author! I'll let him take it away.

Top 5 traits that make fictional (and real life) friendships memorable:

  1. They make you laugh. Seriously, this is number one for a reason. Don’t hang out with anybody (fictional or not) that isn’t any fun. 
  2. They see you as the better version of yourself. Good friends believe in you and help you see your strengths. (They do not harp on what a loser you are all the time or sleep with your girlfriend.)
  3. They don’t let you get away with being the annoying, crappy version of yourself – smack downs are occasionally necessary. 
  4. They don’t hold your parents against you. (Maybe this should be #2.) 
  5. And they will risk life and limb to get you out of jail. 

Mud, Blood and Motocross is a young adult mystery with action, adventure and romance, but at the core it is a story of friendship. Nick Bishop wants to spend his summer blazing trails and battling on the track, but everything changes when his friend Billy Mackenzie is falsely accused of murder. Nick, Finn, Tweety and Kat take on the local police, the FBI, and a West Coast drug ring to find the real killer and prove Billy innocent.

On Tuesday May 8th 2012, Mud, Blood And Motocross the ebook will be available on and for free!:

If you prefer the good old fashion feel of a book, you can win a copy of Mud, Blood And Motocross by leaving your answer as a comment below. 

Which fictional characters do you think are the most memorable group of friends? 

Mick Wade:
Mud, Blood And Motocross
Drug heists. Biker chicks. Murder. This book contains no vampires.
Watch the trailer:


“Stop fidgeting!” Mrs. Clark pointed her index finger and buried it deep into the thick volume of Tweety’s bright yellow curls.

“Mom, I uncrossed my legs! You’re the one wearing a hole in the man’s carpet over there.”

It was true. Mrs. Clark was pacing back and forth behind the chairs where the boys were sitting. They had come fifteen minutes early, and the lawyer’s secretary informed them Mr. Kratchner was running twenty minutes late. For a half hour so far, Mrs. Clark had stalked back and forth along the back wall, opening and searching her purse, not finding anything, closing it, pacing some more, and then doing the whole purse search again from the beginning. She had been jittery the whole forty-minute drive too, scanning the three radio stations, clicking it off, turning it on, over and over again. The boys had been silent, a knowing look exchanged between them only once.

“Hmm. You hungry?” Mrs. Clark didn’t wait for answer, she threw open the door from the waiting room to the small hallway of the office building.

“Maybe there’s a vending machine.”

She marched out.

Even the receptionist seemed to relax after the door had closed shut behind Mrs. Clark. She slumped with relief, and then rolled her narrow shoulders like she was trying to work out some muscle tension. She tucked a fallen piece of hair behind her ear, and gave Nick a relieved smile.

“Your mom is really on edge.” Finn said, also finally relaxing in his chair.

“Yeah, what can I say? She can be a real freak."



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