Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Interview with Genevieve Graham, and a giveaway!

Ready for some Scottish sexiness? In case you missed it, I reviewed Sound of the Heart a few days ago. This is a wonderful story, with rich historical content and a great romance! I highly recommend it. 

Today I'm lucky enough to have Genvieve Graham here to answer a few questions! So, without further ado, I'll let her take it away!

1)  Truth be told, it's a little hard not to stare at your gorgeous cover. What inspired you to write the Dougal's character?

Dougal is the brother of Andrew, who was the hero in my first novel, "Under the Same Sky". I had never planned to write a second book, but when Penguin offered me a contract it was on the grounds that I write a companion novel. I was SO excited about that … then panicked because I didn't know what to write about. I've discovered that when I try really hard to come up with a story, I get nothing. But when I sit back and let the story come to me, it arrives almost fully fleshed out, complete with multi-dimensional characters. Dougal appeared in the first book, and I always saw him as the jovial, strong, everybody's-friend kind of guy, but also a fierce warrior and loyal like crazy. So when he brought me his story, it all made sense. I have a funny feeling that even though I didn't know it was coming, the book knew it was coming. I say that because in the first book, Andrew assumes Dougal is dead. But that is never proven. I leave it as an open mystery … which solves itself in "Sound of the Heart"!

2) What is your favorite way to wind down after a long day of writing?

I like to do anything that takes me away from the computer! I love watching movies, snuggling with my hubby and getting lost in the show. Mostly I love adventure movies, like Lord of the Rings or Braveheart or Cold Mountain. Or Pride & Prejudice. 

3) If you had to describe yourself in just one word, what would it be and why?

ONE WORD?!?!? EGAD! I'm a WRITER! I have a ZILLION words! ok ok. Creative. Can I use a hyphen? Creatively-driven …?

4) Inquiring minds want to know. Just what is your favorite snack food?

Chocolate. I'm liking a slightly darker chocolate these days, or a GOOD milk chocolate (I can't stand the cheap, sugary blends), and I'm partial to almonds in the chocolate …

5) Finally, and thank you for answering all of these, what message would you like to give to your potential readers?

I'm a romantic, which means I believe I'm an idealist, a lover of adventure, and an emotional sap. (Okay. Not every romantic is an emotional sap, but I am) That does not mean I'm all a lovey-dovey kissy type. It doesn't mean my stories revolve around "romance" or physical manifestations of love. Love, need, desire … they are underlying themes to my books, but I cannot write anything in which you know what will happen within the first few pages. I cannot write anything solely based on two people's desires for each other. Romance encompasses so much, and the experience of falling in love is only one of those. So when you pick up my book, yes, you will find romance. But it's not the kind you might expect—especially based on the covers. Mostly you will find adventure, realism, and a pathway into a world you never knew existed.

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