Sunday, April 1, 2012

And...Discuss: From Book to Movie

It's that time again! Time to do some chatting about something that's been on my mind, and see what you all think too.

This is a post that I put up when I'm ready to get some opinions. I'll shoot my mouth off about what I think, and then leave the floor open for you! Feel free to talk it out, just remember to be kind.

This time the topic is...

From Book to Movie

Love them or hate them, this is the new big thing at the box office. As a reader, I'm actually all for this trend! I love when one of my friends who claims to hate anything to do with reading sees a movie trailer and is suddenly really excited. It gives me an in to suggest that they might like to try out the book. 9 times out of 10? They love it. It further proves to me that it's all about finding reading material you just love.

Anyway here's the question that's been on my mind. How much of the book do you expect to see in the movie version? Do you go in with high expectations when the movie is based off of one of your favorite books?

This weekend I saw The Hunger Games movie. Watching it from a purely movie-goer standpoint, I really liked it but thought the plot was a little confusing in some of the back story. Looking at it from a reader standpoint, I loved that they included everything I was hoping they would! I went into that movie hoping to see my favorite scenes played out, and I did. 

However there have been movies that made me sob. Like Eragon. My favorite book, and the movie just fell short for me. In that case though I was watching the movie to see my vision of the dragons played out, and I was just so disappointed. It makes me wonder that if I had different expectations for The Hunger Games, if I would have been less happy with the movie.

So now it's your turn!

What do you think of the book to movie trend? Do you have high expectations when you go to a movie that is based on one of your favorite books? What do you feel might be missing?

Thanks for sharing, and have a happy week!


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