Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spreading some bookish love!

It's Valentine's Day!

That time to spread the love, good vibes, and all around squishy feelings. 
Now, since I'm a bibliophile, I can't think of a better way to spread love than in bookish form. 

Below are four very different books, each one dealing with that age old quest for love. 
All were read in 2011, and still are my favorites. 
These missed a lot of the limelight, so consider this your notice! These are FABULOUS.

Practice Cake by Dalya Moon is one of my all time favorite hidden gems!

Maddie is so sure she's ready for love, and her smoldering coworker Drew is just the guy for her. This book is filled with witty banter, slightly inappropriate pick up lines, and good old fashioned flirting! In a word? Adorable!

The ending is amazing, and also so true to life. Both Drew and this book are delicious.

Do you love books with a romance that is a slow burn? How about a book where that love transcends time itself? If you answered one, or both, of these questions then Ruby Red is for you!

Gwyneth is a character who shuns all the prim and proper behaviors of her time. All she wants to do is be left alone. Then she meets Gideon, and everything spirals out of her control.

He's so maddening! Or is he hot? No, definitely just obnoxious... right?

For my more adult readers, here is a love story that you might just...well love!

Skeptical eh? What if I told you that besides a love story that is sweet and sad, there is also a very hot and Scottish male character. What say you now my reader friends?

Between is filled with a great story, vivid characters and the type of romance that sizzles until it makes you swoon in earnest. This is coming from a girl who doesn't read romance normally, so yeah. That's a big deal.

If you are more of the bittersweet romance and coming of age type of reader, I highly recommend With or Without You by Brian Farrey.

Evan is such a lost adolescent. Bullied for being gay, struggling to figure out how to please everyone around him, Evan's one solace is his amazing boyfriend Erik. Join Evan as he sets off on a journey into growing up, and realizing that sometimes being true to yourself is more important than anything else.

This made me cry. You have been warned.

So there you have it! Four very different books that I adored, and hope you do as well. It pains me that they didn't get more love in the blogosphere, so here is your chance to change that! Make one of them your next read! 


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