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Interviewing Laura Kreitzer!

A huge thank you to both Revolution Publishing and Laura Kreitzer for providing this original content!

1) Out of all the characters that you've written, which one would you say is your favorite?

That’s like asking who’s my favorite child! Ah. Can I cheat and pick one from each series? I’m not going to pick my main characters Gabriella or Summer, because it’s obvious I adore them or they wouldn’t be my MCs.

In the Summer Chronicles, so far, I have to say my favorite character is Julian. When I first started writing the series, I didn’t know how I felt about his creation. Now that I’ve gotten into his head and written from his point of view, I must admit he is an intriguing character that I will warn my readers to watch out for. In Forsaken Harbor, I barely scratched the surface.

In the Timeless Series, I absolutely adore Lucia. We don’t get to see much of her until about the third book, but she is a strong-willed woman with charisma and charm. As the next few books come out, I hope to take her from her a one-dimensional (Shadow of the Sun and Soul Stalker) and two-dimensional (Abyss) character and flesh her out completely. It’s going to be fun!

That was a good question to ask, and I might have told you something different months before. As I continue to write and outline, I go more in depth and grow closer with my characters. Now they’re so real to me I could answer any question about them you threw at me.

2) Is there a book that you've read and reread more times than you can count?

Yes! And I’m not ashamed to admit it in the least. Harry Potter. I mean, really, how could you not pick up these books at least once a year, if not twice? J.K. Rowling is an inspiration, and I love how she broke all the rules of writing and proved it isn’t always about if you use or don’t use an –ly adverb. Hah. Go Rowling, you rock!

3) If you had to choose one pivotal moment in your life that led you to being an author, what would it be?

You ready for this? Don’t laugh. I saw a cheesy paranormal romance movie called Twilight. Hey! I said don’t laugh! Okay, here’s what happened. My honey buns and I went to the threatre to catch a flick. I saw the title and remembered my mom telling me I should read the book. “Hah,” I thought, “I’ll just watch the movie.” And we did, and I had to have more. Quit laughing. Seriously. It’s not THAT funny.

Anyway, I bought all the books the next day and devoured them in a couple of days. I don’t even think I slept. I didn’t know who this author was—this Stephenie Meyer person—so I did what anyone like me would do. I Googled her. I found Midnight Sun and read it too. Disappointed it wasn’t finished, I opened a word doc and started to finish it for her. I mean, come on! The damn woman was teasing me. It wasn’t fair, I told myself. I had to know what Edward was doing all that time he wasn’t with Bella, and what he was thinking when he was with her. I HAD TO KNOW. Dunno why, I just did.

The rest is history, really. I fell in love with writing, and after finishing my version of Midnight Sun, I started to write Shadow of the Sun. Okay, seriously. You can stop laughing now. ::shakes head::

4) Where is your favorite place to gain inspiration?

You really want to know? You probably don’t want to know. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you, but hey, you asked. The shower. That’s right. When I’m naked and all soapy. So what? No, I will not take photos. Anyway, the shower is peaceful. No radio, no phone, no TV—nothing outside my soapy, watery haven exists. Everyone gives me privacy, or I have a good excuse as to why I’m ignoring people. I mean, hey, if I’m like “Sorry, I was in the shower,” it isn’t like someone’s going to get all bitchy about it. HOW DARE YOU WASH YOUR BODY? Downright sinful, that is. Some people might actually appreciate the fact I practice good hygiene.

Outside of that, driving and traveling bring me great ideas and inspiration. It’s why I’m on the road so much. Notebook, laptop, iPad, or recorder in hand—always.

5) Finally, and thank you for answering my questions, a bit of a challenge. You have to leave your home in a hurry and you can only bring 3 things with you. What 3 things do you choose?

Things, not people or pets, right? Cause it would be obvious I’d take my man-boy and our two pups. So if you want me to pick 3 things—and not living creatures—that would be . . .

Numero uno: my purse. Yeah, yeah. You’re thinking that’s cheating, but it’s totally not. If I had a suitcase packed, I’d take that as my number two. But seeing as how I usually only have my purse packed full of useless non-essentials, I picked it. See? Totally not cheating.

Numero dos: my laptop. Sure I’ve got all my files saved up, but it’s rare that I don’t take my laptop with me when I leave the house for any extended amount of time.

Numero tres: Oh, I almost said Red Bull, but I’m sure I could pick that up on the road (lol). My trusty blue pills. Oh, I know. How cliché, right? A writer who has ADHD and takes those off-brand Adderall pills. GASP! Could you imagine me NOT taking them? I’d never get anything done. I’d sit on the couch all day and watch TV while I drooled. It’s not pretty. Heck, I’d never make it out the door with my three things! This whole question would become moot.

(Hey, anyone notice how I didn’t say my phone? Yeah. Hahah. Good luck getting a hold of me now, bitches!)

A huge thank you again to Laura for answering my questions! A heads up, Shadow of the Sun (Timeless, #1) and Phantom Universe (Summer Chronicles, #1) are both FREE in all ebook formats. If you can’t find them at the major retailers (Amazon, B&N, Apple, etc), try

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