Saturday, January 21, 2012

On writing reviews.

(Sometimes that evil blinking cursor just mocks me.)

Lately I've been pondering the best way to write reviews. Any of you who also write a book blog probably have gone through this same thing. You give your opinion, you read it over, and then you second guess yourself. Is your review too short? Too long? Are there spoilers? Will people understand what you are talking about?

Or maybe it's just me and I'm over thinking it.

Anyway I've finally decided that, for me, the best way to write reviews is just to write! I just sit down and type out the first things that pop into my head. Then I check for errors, and viola I have a review. It's been working out for me in 2012. Now I ask you this:

What do you think of the reviews here on Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile?

I'm hoping that those of you who follow me do so because you like what I write :). I don't tempt you with copious amounts of giveaways or anything like that, and I know I ramble a lot, so I adore you for putting up with me. That being said, I always want to know what you think. I had a comment today that made me curious, and now I want to see what the general consensus is.

So, if you like the way things are written around here, shout out in the comments! If you have some not so nice things to say that are still constructive, you can comment also. Or you can shoot me an email at that pretty little envelope icon over to the right. Either way. I am all for constructive criticism.

Am I building your excitement for books, even if they weren't my favorite? Because that's my aim. You tell me.


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