Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beat those reading slumps!

Let's face it, we bibliophiles, we readers of mountainous piles of books, all of us at some point have hit a reading slump. You stare at your shelves upon shelves up books with love and adoration. You carefully skim over each one to see what you'll read. (Although not necessarily with an umbrella...)

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You pick that faithful next book, you read it ravenously, you finish it with a huge smile, and then...a reading slump occurs.

NOTHING seems to take the place of that last book. You pick up and throw down 3 or 4 or even 5 different books before you finally decide that it's just not time to do anymore reading.

I've been there. I know you have too!

I actually had a friend of mine ask me what I do when I hit a reading slump, so I thought I'd share some tips that I use! These are just my own personal quirks, so if you have anything else to share please do! Lord knows I get into these fits of reading rage every so often. Well, without further ado, here are a few tips I use to get myself back in the green!

1) Read something short.
Sometimes I get into a reading slump after finishing a massive science fiction or fantasy book that was just so unbelievably amazing, nothing else even comes close. (Note: I'm a massive Sci Fi nerd.) So, I read something short! A short story collection, an MG novel, maybe even a book of poems. Something to slowly ease me back into the goodness that is enjoying longer books.

2) Read some "book candy"!
Definition of book candy? Something sinfully sweet, and possibly your guilty pleasure. Are you a fan of Gossip Girl novels but don't read them that often? Pick one up! Do you enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse series but you've put it aside repeatedly for other books? Go get the next one and dive in! My book candy? Paranormal Romances. YUM.

3) Change up the genre.
Maybe the book you just finished was an amazing contemp novel that had you bawling your eyes out. Now nothing comes close. Take a chance and try some chick lit, or maybe a historical romance! Breaking out of the box makes it easier for me to get back into what I love later, and often I find new books to love in the process!

4) Re-read an old favorite.
SO many times when I'm in a reading slump I go back to books that I've dog-eared and loved. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale is one of these for me. Also The Tale of Desperaux by Kate DiCamillo fills this void. It's that comfortable feeling of diving back into a world you already know. It helps stave off the reading slump blues.

5) Share a book with someone else!
I didn't expect to write five of these! Sharing a book you completely loved with someone else, especially if it's the book that you just finished, does wonders! My reading slumps are often caused by the inability to share my fangirly love of all things related to that book with others. So do it! Spread the love!

So there you have it! Bibliophile Jessica's 5 tips to get you out of those pesky reading slumps. They might all work for you, they might not but either way I'm proud to share them with you! Oh, and if I can share a secret, this post is actually to get me out of a reading slump. So there you go. Sharing does wonders.

What books are your standby reading slump books? Are there any tried and true methods you have for getting out of a reading slump? Share away!

Thanks for reading!


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