Friday, December 30, 2011

Year end musings!

It's almost 2012!

I know I don't get to post random, talkative, rambling posts like this one anymore. Life in 2011 is/was whirlwind, crazy, and lots of fun. Now I'm looking forward to a new year with new prospects!

Here are some things I learned about myself, and this blog in 2011:

1. Reading is not a chore, and it never should be.
There was a period of time where I almost gave up on this blog. I was pushing myself too hard, taking on too many books, and it was making me crazy! So, I cut back. I started adding in books that I chose on a whim. I made time for reading when it was convenient for me. Now I've learned, you've got to do that! Otherwise this becomes a job. Heaven forbid!

2. Followers don't equal readers.
Let me start this by saying I LOVE YOU ALL! You are the coolest followers a girl could have, and the amount of interaction we have with one another is fantastic! That being said, I don't care anymore if I have 800 followers, or 80. If those people are reading what I write because they want to, that's all that matters. Thanks for making me feel loved!

3. Reading YA rocks!
Before 2011 started I only had a really small idea of what YA even was. Through you wonderful people, the blogs I follow, and all my awesome Twitter friends, I found more and more books to dive into. YA has now become my favorite category of all time. There's so much variety! Without this blog, that wouldn't have happened.

4. Never feel bad for not blogging.
Again, this isn't my job. So if I need to take 3 days away to go celebrate with my family, or spend some one on one time with my fiance, or even delve into the insanity that is wedding planning, that's okay. No need to apologize! I'll just come back bigger and better, and you wonderful readers are always here when I return. You're the best!

5. Sharing what you love feels great.
There is no better feeling for me than having someone say "Hey, your review really made me want to pick up this book! Thanks!". That makes it all worth while. 

That's a wrap! In case I don't see you tomorrow while I celebrate...
Happy New Year everyone!


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