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Cassidy's playlist! From The International Kissing Club!

Today on the blog something a little different!

Ivy Adams, who is a an author that is actually made up of some of my favorite YA authors combined, is here to share a post on The International Kissing Club tour!

This stop is all about music. What music describes these girls? How do they get their groove on? Paired with some excerpts from the book, this is a post to peak your interest!

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The International Kissing Club is a story about four best friends who join a foreign exchange program in search of life, love and internet redemption after one of them is humiliated by the town’s mean girl and the video goes viral online.

Each girl has her own story (and romance) as she goes abroad, so they each had their own soundtrack.

Cassidy Barlow is the resident tomboy, a basketball phenom, and the girl from across the tracks, whose mother’s past their small town won’t let her live down. She decides the further away from home the better, and makes her way to the sunbaked beaches of Australia, where she meets Lucas, a sweet, gorgeous surfer and,’s not called The International Kissing Club for nothing. ;)

The Cassidy and Lucas Playlist:

Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Caillat
Oh. God. Those were the only words that formed in her mind when she saw him. Tall and tanned, in a white tee, frayed cargo shorts, and flip-flops, the golden streaks in his tousled sun-bleached hair setting off deep-set hazel eyes to perfection, the guy looked like summer at the beach.

Sleepyhead by Passion Pit
It rang a fourth time. If he didn’t pick up now it would go to voice mail. Cassidy decided this would mean she’d given it her best shot, but it just wasn’t meant to be. She would leave a message.

“Hello?” answered a groggy, gravelly Aussie voice on the other end.

She glanced at the clock and cringed inwardly: 7:58--she’d woken him up! Smooth. Desperate much?

40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet) by Bob Schneider
This was getting dangerous. All this niceness, all this touching, all these feelings, it was too much. He was too much. And she was Cassidy Barlow: things this good didn’t happen to her; boys like Lucas didn’t happen to her. Her mom’s mantra ran through her mind: when a guy seems to good to be true, run like hell and don’t look back.

Except she didn’t want to run away. Not this time.

Arms by Christina Perri
Cassidy whirled to see him coming up from the water’s edge several yards away, carrying his shortboard under his arm. Her hearted started hop-skipping around in her chest and she ran what had to be her record best in the fifty-yard dash. Lucas barely had enough time to drop the board and catch her as she jumped onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck, not caring that she was getting soaked to the skin. Good thing he was so strong, because any other guy would have been knocked to the ground by her body slam.

Fools by Temper Trap
“What about me, Cass? Are you going to miss me?

More than she wanted to think about. Eight weeks ago, she’d been counting the days until she could leave, but now she wished the hours would slow to give her more time. It was true she couldn’t wait to see her friends and her mom after so long apart, but the fact that she might never see Lucas again was like a punch in the gut. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him so, but the words got stuck between her brain and her vocal cords. Cassidy decided showing him would be easier.

Rain by Patti Griffin
Cassidy checked her luggage, waited through the endless line at security, and mentally slipped out of Vacation Cassidy mode when she walked through the scanner. On the other side of security, she turned and glanced back the way she’d come, half expecting to see the discarded shell of the girl she’d been here in Australia. But all she saw was the flood of sunburned tourists and impatient business travelers, oblivious to the emotions churning inside of her. So much has changed in the ten weeks she’d been in Australia, it was hard to believe that there was no physical evidence. But then, why should there be? All the changes were inside of her.

Shellee Roberts along with Emily McKay and Tracy Deebs write under the psuedonym Ivy Adams. They shop, gossip and watch movies in Austin, Texas.

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