Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Into the Past: A look back with Joseph Monninger

Today I'm pleased to welcome Joseph Monninger, author of the upcoming Finding Somewhere, to the blog!

He's here to take us back a bit, back into his life as a reader. I asked him to share with us what his favorite books were at particular ages. It's always a thrill to me to see what books inspired authors to originally be readers. I'll let him take the floor.

Favorite at 5: Ferdinand the Bull

Favorite at 11: Charlotte’s Web

Favorite at 16: Lord of the Rings

Favorite at 20: A River Runs Through It.

I think Into the Wild would have been a book that made an impression on me if I had read it as a young person. I understand that kid.

A huge thank you to Joseph for stopping by! Please make sure to check out Finding Somewhere.

Two girls: Best friends Hattie and Delores feel that life in their small New Hampshire town is a dead end.

One horse: Old and about to be put down, Speed gets a reprieve when Hattie and Delores decide to save him.

A road trip: Determined to set Speed free, Hattie and Delores drive him west in search of rangeland. But the road takes some unexpected turns as the girls get their own taste of freedom—and as they confront the reasons they left home.


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