Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book Review: Nightingale

Media Type: Enhanced Ebook
Title: Nightingale
Author: David Farland
Publisher: East India Press
Pages: Kindle; 424
Release Date: October 31, 2011
Source: Publisher
Intended Reading Group: Young Adult
Content Screening: Mild Violence
HDB Rating: 5 Keys to My Heart
Recommended to: EVERYONE. Seriously.

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Bron Jones was abandoned as a newborn. Thrown into foster care, he is rejected by one family after another, until he meets Olivia, a gifted and devoted high-school teacher who recognizes him for what he really is—what her people call a “nightingale.”

But Bron isn’t ready to learn the truth. There are secrets that have been hidden from mankind for hundreds of thousands of years, secrets that should remain hidden. Some things are too dangerous to know.
Bron’s secret may be the most dangerous of all.

In his remarkable young adult fantasy debut, David Farland shows why critics have called his work “compelling,” “engrossing,” “powerful,” “profound,” and “ultimately life-changing.”

Strap yourself in my friends, you're in for a wild ride! Nightingale is the whole package. Bron Jones is an orphan. Shipped from home to home over the years, he's never quite figured out what it is about him that is different. Try as he might he just doesn't seem to fit in with any family. Is it just bad luck, or is it fate? Bron's character isn't a confident one, he isn't comfortable in his own skin, at least not at the beginning. After so much heartache and disappointment, he's still managed to become a caring and sweet individual which really endeared me to him. There's a lot of hurt hiding there, but a lot of strength too.

Every character in this story, from those that steal the center stage for a bit to the more supporting ones, is extremely well written. David Farland shows his expertise at creating characters who are vivid and believable. There honestly wasn't a moment while I was reading that I wasn't fully immersed in the story. I cared about these characters. I loved, I loathed, I shivered with disgust. The evil and the good, it all bleeds off the page and into your heart. It was almost as if I was watching a movie unfold in front of me except, in this case, it was all happening in my mind as I read the words on the page. If you are a reader who craves character development, welcome to your Eden.

Nightingale just further proves to me why David Farland is considered to be a master of this genre. Bron's story navigates all types of twists and turns, and there is so much to fall in love with in every chapter. Perfectly paced, this is the type of book that will keep you reading fervently until the very end. Add in the stunning enhancements that the book provides to the readers, and this isn't just a story, it's an experience. Each chapter has it's own graphic novel page with moving characters, sound effects, and even a music track that fits the tone of where the story is going. I found myself excited to start a new chapter, just to get a glimpse at what was going to happen next.

Even without all the bells and whistles that Nightingale hides within its pages, I can assure you that this is one hell of a story. The animated pages at the beginning of each chapter were amazing. The music that fit just perfectly with that particular chapter drew you in. However when it comes right down to it, David Farland's uncanny ability to write an engrossing story is really what really brings it all home. I can promise you that Nightingale is unlike anything you've ever read or experienced before. It's an all encompassing, immersive experience that will draw you in and make you forget reality. If you aren't a David Farland fan yet, you will be. You will be.

FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.


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