Sunday, October 23, 2011

Warning: Sappiness ahead. Things I've realized part 2.

The  Phantom Tollbooth first sparked my imagination as a reader. Up until then I had liked books, but after falling into Norton Juster's world I loved them. Ate them up. Weekly trips to the library saw me bringing home the max 15 books we were allowed to check out at one time, and reading fervently until they were due back.

I was officially a bibliophile. Tried and true. From age 8 on, it was a never-ending obsession of mine, and I unashamedly admitted it to everyone.

Then I found the book blogging world and decided to try my hand at becoming a part of it. Do you know how good it feels to know that someone else cares what you think? Even if they don't always agree. It's a good feeling to share what you love.

Anyway I ramble, I did have a point.

Time is an evil culprit. Recently I've started working 40 hours a week from working roughly 22 before. Trust me, it was a HUGE learning process. On top of that I was swamped with family issues, celebrating being engaged, and then it hit me....

I'm only one person.

I was taking on way too much. So this is me saying, I'm still here, and I plan to be for as long as I can. I love my blog. I love all of you and your witty comments. (Sappy I know, but true.) I might not be posting as frequently as I did before, although I'll try my best I promise you that. I'm here though, and I still appreciate you.

I officially stepped down from working with The {Teen} Book Scene, and am only helping out the other wonderful people there whenever they need me. I stopped accepting as many review requests so I can read slower and catch up on reviews. I even cut down on my internet time which is why you might not see me here as much.

BUT I'm still here.

I'm just reevaluating things and making my new schedule work for me. Life is only worth living if you do what you love, and I love this. You can't get rid of me that easily ;).

Big hugs for all of you,


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