Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This or That? with Estevan Vega

In the world of authors, it's all about standing out. Making a spot for yourself. To me, Estevan Vega has totally done that! He has this aura of coolness about him, that's a bit hard to describe. I've reviewed one of his books, and am currently reading two more, and there is one thing that never changes. His awesome writing. It's always there to pull you in and keep you reading.

I think that in this particular game of This or That? Estevan totally shows that side of himself. He's here to promote his newest sequel, Ashes, which you should definitely check out. In the meantime, here's his post.

Tennis shoes or boots. I assume by tennis shoes we're not talkin' Wimbledon style. I have some friends down south and they call sneakers tennis shoes. I don't get it, but I'll forgive you. But yeah, I think I'd have to go with tennis shoes. I like boots, but a lot of times they are uncomfortable. They are definitely a cool style, however, and I plan to get a pair soon, but for now...sneaks is where it's at.

Beach or Mountain. Beach. More pretty people. For some reason, when I think of the possibility of life up in the mountains, the only thing that comes to mind are groups of cannibals and chicks who can't get to a mountain Walmart and thus, can't shave. Lord, have mercy!

Blonde or Redhead. It's interesting you should ask this one. My brothers and father were talking recently about which was "better," and I use that term loosely. Also, I feel like answering this question in any other fashion other're all God's children and thus, are all beautiful, just wouldn't be right. Not to mention, it's kind of unfair not to include brunettes. But anywho...I'll risk being thrown to the wolves and say that I think my first inclination is to say blonde, because, they're just awesome. Nevertheless, every girl I've had a crush on who was within reach has been a brunette. Go figure. Still, there are some really, really beautiful redheads, like Bryce Dallas Howard. That's what's awesome about human beings; there are beautiful qualities in all of us. And cue the corny Hallmark commercial.

But seriously...I've seen hot versions in all sizes, colors, and temperaments. You all rock!

Rock or Pop. Rock. Every time. Soft rock. Melodic Rock. Alternative Rock. Hard Rock. Screaming Rock. They all rock!

Tamales or Enchiladas...Um...why choose? Quiero a los dos, por favor.

Train or Plane. Plane. While the whole ear-popping, chewing gum and hoping not to hit too much turbulence does kinda suck, plane travel is much quicker and just easier, in my opinion. I'm heading to Idaho today, actually, to speak at the Idaho Book Extravaganza this weekend, and if I were to take a train, it would take soooo much longer than the plane travel time. It's still kinda crazy that I'll be traveling in three different time zones in one day.

Pegasus or Hippogriff...I'd probably go with a Hippogriff. It just sounds tougher and meaner, and it looks like an experiment gone wrong. Perfect sidekick.

Sharpie or Pen: I like pens, but I like the inky kind, not the Bic kind. When I'm signing books, it's gotta be the good kind. I've tried signing books with Sharpies, and it's just not as awesome. They're good for posters, though.

Laptop or Desktop. Laptop. It's portable. Which means, depending on my mood, I can write from anywhere.

Past or Future. Some time in between. After all...I get the feeling that we're already living in sci-fi sometimes.

Ebook or Paperback. The book world is constantly changing, especially now with all of the devices available for reading books. While I do believe eventually we'll get to being a society like Rollerball, where everything is digital and there are virtually no more books, we're not there yet. I still love books, like I love CDs, but being able to download an album is a lot like being able to download a book. They both have their purpose, and they're both great. And right now, both ARSON and its sequel ASHES are available in ebook format and paperback format. Go snag that ish.


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