Friday, October 21, 2011

This or That? Starring Molly E. Johnson!

Please welcome to the blog the fantastic Molly E. Johnson, the author of Spartacus and the Circus of Shadows. (Cue massive applause.) Yes, I do think this book has a fantastic title and yes, I did choose to read it because of that. I admit it.

Anyway Molly is stopping by for a quick game of THIS OR THAT in honor of her book tour! Take some time to get to know her better, and then click that link up there and zip over to add the book to your TBR list. It's worth it!

Shoes or Sandals?

Sandals. I like having the ability to slip out of my shoes at a moment’s notice and walk barefoot outside. I agree it’s not very hygienic, but feet do clean easier than shoes…

Hamburgers or Hotdogs?

Can I choose veggie burgers? I’m not a vegetarian, but there is something about a veggie burger…guilt-free AND greasy bliss? Perfecto.

Paperbacks or Hardbacks?

Paperbacks all the way. I can buy three paperbacks for the price of one hardback and then beat the heck out of it, packing it around. Whenever I can’t resist and buy a handsome hardback, I always take the cover off so I don’t ruin it—and then I somehow end up ruining both the book AND the cover anyway. Besides, hardback books are heavy and you’re limited by how many you can carry and how long you can hold it above your head.

Summer or Winter?

Summer is only a month and a half long in Portland, so it’s strange to admit that I like winter. I get to catch up on my reading and sleeping and eating and watching movies without thinking I’m taking the sun for granted.

Typing or Hand Writing?

Typing. I have terrible handwriting and get a hand cramp just writing in birthday cards.

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

Winter: Ice cream. Summer: Frozen yogurt. It’s a swimsuit thing.

Snail Mail or Email?

Email. That way I can save everything forever without having to learn how to install hanging files in my filing cabinet.

Dogs or Cats?

Cats. I enjoy having a pet that really doesn’t have time for me.

Zombies or Vampires?

Vampires—they’re prettier to look at and can be reasoned with. Sort of.

Dancing or Singing?

Either, but only when alone. Or in the dark. Alone AND in the dark is preferable. (This is starting to sound like that one-liner you see on every mom’s About You section on Facebook: “Dance [and sing] like you’re alone in an abandoned warehouse and no one is around for miles,” …or something like that.)

Molly E. Johnson is the author of Spartacus and the Circus of Shadows, a middle grade novel from RainTown Press. 

A huge thank you to Molly for playing along! Make sure to give her book a peek!


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