Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A hello from the trenches.

Hi all!

I know you haven't seen me around here a lot lately. Blogging has become a bit lower on my priority list, as I finally (FINALLY) picked up an extra job to help with bills. Bright side? More money! Downside? Lots more time spent going back and forth and actually working. I can't complain, I'm just being honest.

Things are finally settling down now that I'm on day 5 of doing both. I'm finding a happy medium between working, chores (include napping here), work related paperwork, and blogging. I think I'm going to go to the old standby of prescheduling posts. Lots of smart people out there do it! Why not me?

This is not me apologizing for being gone. I promised myself I wouldn't do that anymore. This is simply me saying I'M HERE! And yes, it might be a bit intermittent for a while.

Bear with me.

If you were looking for the Spooky Swap don't worry, it's coming! I should have the post up sometime tomorrow. Yes, I heard your pleas. I'll make sure we have another fantastic swap!

Big hugs,


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