Sunday, August 14, 2011

Joseph Lunievicz shares his summer activities!

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Please welcome Joseph Lunievicz, author of Open Wounds, to the blog! His book is fantastic, full of strength and dreams. Cid Wymann is one of those underdog kids that you want to get behind. Trust me, it's fabulous!

Well today Joseph is here to share his summer traditions, along with Cid's. I thought that was so awesome! Make sure to stop back tomorrow for a giveaway hosted by the two of them as well!

For the summer reading challenge I thought I’d give you both my favorite summer activity and tradition and Cid Wymann’s, the protagonist of my novel Open Wounds, when he was eight.

Favorite Summer Activities:
I love to see summer movies. All winter I wait for the spring releases anticipating which films I’d like to see and which I’ll skip. These days, my son and I do it together. He’s nine and the movies we pick are more his speed than mine but I’m a big fan of animation and fantasy movies so this summer we’ve had fun with Rio, The Smurfs, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 (though we saw each of the earlier movies one after the other each night before opening day in anticipation of the final installment). On my own I saw, while traveling, True Grit and 13 Assassins. Some films a 9-year old just shouldn’t see.

Cid Wyman’s favorite summer movies from 1937 would have been The Prince and The Pauper with Errol Flynn, Fire Over England, King Solomon’s Mines, and his most favorite, The Prisoner of Zenda with Ronald Coleman. He saw these because his grandmother, Mad Maddie Wymann chose them and she was a sucker for a swashbuckler and an action film. Cid was eight years old, had found two best friends and had the greatest summer of his life. For a bright shining three months in Sunnyside, Queens, even with the tail end of the depression closing in on all three of them, Cid was happy.

Favorite Summer Traditions:
One of my favorite summer traditions is the change over to wearing sandals and leaving my shoes and sneakers behind until the temperature drops down below 70 again in the fall. I always start a week too early and freeze my toes off but I can’t resist the warming temperatures of late May and early June. I also keep them on a week or so past when I really need my socks on. But shorts and sandals… ahhh.

One of Cid’s favorite summer traditions (and it was cut from the book but I’ll tell all now) when he was 8 had to do with a scam they played with baseball cards. Cid and his friends Tomik and Siggy would flip cards with the other kids on the block. Tomik would chew gum and throw it on the sidewalk and Siggy would step on it without the other’s noticing. Then Tomik would pretend to get in a fight with Cid. They’d push each other around and over the cards. In the scuffle Siggy would step on the cards they wanted and walk off with the card or cards stuck to the gum on the sole of his shoe. Cid and Tomik would quickly make up and leave with their cards and the other boys would be none the wiser.


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