Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tens List from Six Moon Summer

Sporting a completely fantastic outfit is SM Reine, author of Six Moon Summer. Today we have Rylie visiting to share her tens list, and what a tens list it is! Do you know why you wouldn't want to be a werewolf? Rylie does. Check it out.

The Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Want to Be a Werewolf
by Rylie Gresham, age 15

10. I didn’t choose this.
9. Werewolves have really bad breath.
8. I’m always angry, and I hate losing control of myself.
7. Animals are afraid of me now. No more pet chinchillas, no more horseback rides, no more trips to the zoo. Nothing.
6. Craving human flesh is so Hannibal Lecter.
5. Can you say body hair?
4. I’m a vegetarian! Animal meat is soooo gross, but all I can think about is a rare, dripping, bloody steak. Nothing else satisfies me.
3. It’s nowhere near as cool as it looks in the movies.
2. I’ll never be able to live in the city again, unless I want to go on murderous rampages in densely-populated areas twice a month.
1. I’m much more of a cat person.

Thank you to Rylie and SM for sharing!
I think I definitely have to agree with #5 up there. Wow. Indeed.

If you want to know more about Six Moon Summer, check out the Goodreads page and SM's website.


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