Monday, July 25, 2011

Summers in Nor Cal, with Lisa Polisar

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It's almost the end of July!

How are you doing on your reading goal? Great I hope! Don't stress if you're behind. Remember, it's the fun of participating that is important, and you can win prizes no matter what. Breathe my friends, breathe.

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Lisa Polisar is here today to share some summer love with us!

I love summer in northern California. I lived in Albuquerque for fifteen years and, except for the monsoons, summer is not the nicest time of year there. But living in the Bay Area and being close to the ocean again, like where I grew up, has helped me seep into the long, slow days, the cooling drape of fog over the bay, and the beauty of nature.

My writing tends to be most fertile when I can be outside a lot. So lately I’ve been finding tiny bites of inspiration in the small details of my neighborhood – clumps of purple sage bending out toward the street, wild flowers pushing through the slats in a broken fence, and the sudden shock of a fuschia bougainvillea. Things can grow out here all year long – what a concept! 

Because the days are so long, I can come home from work at 7pm, sit in my reading chair by the window, and devour Cara Black’s latest Parisian mystery, Murder in the Palais Royale. Read in the living room, read on the patio, read at the beach. And I find myself getting up earlier to work on my current thriller before work. Summer awakens, motivates, inspires me.

And my imagination is more alive and stretched out this time of year. Not just reading more, but writing, dreaming, thinking, visualizing. My reading list right now is a tall stack of books piled in front of my lonely fireplace. Next up: Iris Johansen. So many mysteries…can I ever get to them all??


That is always the question isn't it? Can we ever get through our reading list?

Thank you Lisa for participating in this event!

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