Friday, July 15, 2011

Special Guest: Micky from I'm A Book Shark and a giveaway!

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Our post today is from a very special guest!
Micky from I'm A Book Shark is here to share a little bit about her summer traditions with us! 

I'm also coupling her post with another giveaway, this one a little bit different so make sure you take a look at the rules.

And now, I'll let Micky take it away!


Summer Traditions in Arizona 

Living in Arizona full time means very mild winters, but it also means extremely ridiculous summers! The temperatures reach 120 degrees F at most, “but it’s a dry heat!” While that’s true, we’re thankful for it. We already have pollution problems making it hard to breathe as it is. Humidity on top of scorching heat would be downright unbearable. Sidewalks and driveways can cause serious burns to bare feet, and food might be able to be cooked in closed cars. Even the breeze is warm. That’s ouch. 

What I’m saying is, our summer tradition is staying inside, keeping the air conditioning on, and always wearing shoes and sunscreen when braving the heat. Most people have pools here, including my boyfriend and me, but we barely use it: I’m a reddish-headed, basically see-through-skinned Irish girl – the sun and I do not get along. So we stay inside or go to indoor places, like the movie theater, the mall, and restaurants. We see a LOT of movies! We also drink a lot of water, eat a lot of popsicles, and take cold showers. 

When night falls, it can still be 100 degrees outside! It’s much more tolerable since the sun can’t do awful damage. Nighttime traditions include grocery shopping, sitting outside without dying, and perhaps getting a drink. Some bars are outside, so sundown is best for this. When the sun is down, we still drink lots of water and eat a lot of popsicles since it’s still HOT. 

Why would anyone in their right mind live here then, you ask? “We shovel sunshine in the winter!” 

Kool-Aid Ice Pops Recipe
· 1 pkg Kool-Aid 
· 1 pkg Jell-O 
· 1/2 - 1 cup sugar 
· 2 cups boiling water 
· 2 cups cold water
· Popsicle molds or paper cups
Mix and pour in molds and freeze. 

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe
· 3 cup milk 
· 2 tbsp sugar 
· 1 (4 1/2 oz) pkg instant chocolate pudding 
· Popsicle molds or paper cups
Beat milk, sugar, and pudding mix on low or by hand 5 minutes. Pour into molds. Freeze.


And now, my mouth is watering at the prospect of some delicious summer treats. Thanks for sharing Micky! I can't wait to make these!


Up for grabs is one finished copy (pre-order) of Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey


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I can't wait to give this to a new home!

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