Thursday, July 7, 2011

Secrets in Cedar Creek

Courtney Vail is here again today, to share with us a little more about Cedar Creek! Her book, Kings & Queens, is out now and Cedar Creek is the hometown of Majesty and everyone around her. Take a look, and dive in!

The 10 Ten Secrets in Cedar Creek

1. In Cedar Creek, where mansions and urban legends bloom, forget baseball. Violence is the new celebrated pastime.

2. Derek was abused by his senator dad for six years and still fears the next blow, though it’s been three years since his last altercation.

3. Derek knows what really happened to the girl rumored to have been kidnapped but is blood-bound to silence.

4. Majesty was nearly raped and no one knows it.

5. The key to everything is right in Majesty’s pocket.

6. Sugar, as sweet as it is, can sometimes be fatal.

7. Karyn, Majesty’s mother, was froze her in time at the hand of her uncle and that weakness often threatens her daughters‘ safety.

8. Alec would do anything in the name of love, even break his own heart.

9. Derek was spawned from an affair and has no idea.

10. Majesty wants Alec more than air but is too busy running to see it.



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