Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interview with David Yoo, author of The Detention Club

David Yoo, author of The Detention Club, is here for an interview! I read his book earlier this month and loved it! (Review here.) Now I'm lucky enough to get to know a little bit about the author himself.

1. Peter makes the front page! What does the headline say?

The Boy Who Inspired Firework Safety Week

2. What would you do if you were part of The Detention Club?

I'd form a union.

3. What is one of your best middle school memories?

Mrs. Schwartz's English class.

4. Describe Peter in three words.

Inventor. Schemer. Land-Skiier.

5. What song describes you right now?

"Summer's Cauldron" by XTC, because the humidity finally broke overnight and I'm feeling pro-summer again...

A man who is short and to the point, I like!

More info about The Detention Club below. Give it a whirl.

Sixth-grader Peter Lee, in a desperate attempt to regain the popularity he had in elementary school, discovers that serving detention can win him important friends, much to the dismay of his over-achieving eighth-grade sister, Sunny.



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