Sunday, July 24, 2011

A garage sale of Jim Maher's teenage years

Today Jim Maher, author of Hemingway Man, is here to share a little bit about his teenage years in the form of a garage sale! Ever curious what things your favorite author might have amassed as a teen? Well here's your chance to find out what Jim Maher would sell!

A garage sale of my teenage years, hmmm? That was about twelve thousand years ago (or 12,
I’m 31 now.) What did I have in high school?

-Nirvana, Green Day, Bob Marley and Offspring CDs

-MAD magazine (not the most mature person in the world)

-baseball cards

-the Wheel of Time series

-Leonard Cohen (music, not actual Leonard Cohen)

-Bob Marley posters

-a catalogue for the University of the West Indies (brief flirtation with Rastafarianism)

-Stone Cold Steve Austin figurine (it was a doll, I can admit it)

-scraps of pathetic poetry about the girls I had crushes on over the years (which will never see
the light of day)

-three failed driver’s tests (one in which I very nearly killed the examiner. Sorry, Bob.)

That would about cover my teenage garage sale. You can have the lot for five bucks.

Thank you Jim for sharing!
(and darn I thought I'd be able to buy Leonard Cohen for 5 bucks *sighs*)

Sixteen-year-old Will has just lost his father. With no one else to guide him towards manhood, he follows the teachings of Ernest Hemingway:

1. Plant a tree.
2. Write a book.
3. Fight a bull
4. Have a son.

Good luck with that.



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