Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Third Path solved!

Ready for some more Nine Paths fun?

This little box showed up at my door a few days ago, and I admit that I wasn't expecting such a small package! What on Earth could be in it?

After opening it I found this little jewelry box. Ooooh. Jewelry you say? As a girl who loves a good pair of earrings or a necklace, I was intrigued! Sadly I had to wait until I got home from work to actually open it...

When I finally had time to open it, look what I found! A mysterious language filling a card, and a pretty little charm of Bastet, who was the clue to the last path.

After consulting a special book that was given to us with the code, I figured out the answer. Ready for it?


Are you intrigued yet?


If you aren't already playing along, visit the link below to start! It's a really fun game, and The Nine Lives of Chloe King is looking like my new favorite show of the year! Plus the winner gets to visit the set of the show. Yup, you lucky people you.

More clue goodness to come later on tonight!


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