Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A song from a movie anyone? Chatting with Julie Halpern!

Julie Halpern is the author of Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, Get Well Soon, and now Don't Stop Now. (Loved this book, you can read my review here.) She's here to today to share with us her favorite soundtracks from movies in a top tens list. Ever wondered what Julie Halpern loves listening to? Well here's your answer.

I had trouble choosing specific songs, so I am making this my favorite soundtracks.  They are favorites because I love them both within and without the movies they are from.

  1. The Breakfast Club
  2. Pretty in Pink
  3. Some Kind of Wonderful – See a pattern here?  I grew up north of Chicago when John Hughes’ movies were in theaters.  I worshipped him, and the music on his soundtracks was the soundtrack to my youth. 
  4. Simple Men – I have trouble listening to much of it, though, because it makes me cry.
  5. Valley Girl– Sweetest montage ever to “Melt with You.” 
  6. Rushmore – Wes Anderson is very clever with his soundtracks.
  7. Beauty and the Beast – I didn’t realize until recently how many beautiful, funny, soaring songs were in this.  My favorite Disney soundtrack.  And princess, if you ask.
  8. Can’t Hardly Wait – This movie is quite perfect.  It came after “my time,” although most of the actors are probably my age or older.
  9. Go – I am not a car chase person (well, maybe sometimes), but this movie has the best car chase scene ever, thanks in part to the music.  I watch this movie regularly while I’m on the treadmill, and it makes me run faster.
  10. Popeye – This movie was absolutely my favorite when I was four.  And I loved the soundtrack.  It made me feel cool.  I haven’t listened to it in at least 25 years, but it was probably the first soundtrack that had that kind of impact on me.  So I included it.
  The Muppet Movie – I know this is 11, but since the first three are John Hughes, I thought I could add one.  The movie begins and ends on the most touching notes.  I get the chills every time I watch or listen.  Henson + Oz = Genius

All completely fantastic choices! Thanks for sharing Julie!
I'm going to have to fully agree on the top 3. Those are all movie soundtracks I could listen to for eons, and never get tired of them.

What's your favorite soundtrack/song from a movie?


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