Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Favorite Things.

In order to recharge my batteries, and fight off this pervading blah that is following me around, I've decided to look at the bright side. Below are 10 of my favorite things. After all, what better way to feel happy than to remember what makes you happy?

If you feel like sharing yours too, link them up in the comments and I'll come visit.

1. Books. Obviously.
No matter how many I read, no matter how many I have, I'm always in love with these little paper gems. Whenever I'm stressed out, I take a bookcation.

2. Mashed Potatoes
Well any kind of potatoes really! French fries, hashbrowns. Om nom nom. Massive comfort food for me. These make me so happy!

3. Animated Movies
It doesn't matter how old I get, I'm in love with animated movies. The bright colors, the happy stories, the laugh out loud moments. Maybe it's the fact that I long for those days where life was just that much easier. Nonetheless, when I'm feeling down I can pop one of these on and I'll still giggle after the 100th time I've seen it.

4. Licorice
Movie candy of choice! It has to be the good kind though, Red Vines. No Twizzlers for this girl.

5. The Beach
I could spend my LIFE here. Lucky for me, I live just one block away! I usually grab a towel, a book and some snacks and head down to sit and relax. It's a vacation right outside my home.

6. Ice Cream
Are we seeing a pattern here? Why yes three of my favorite things are food related. There's something about that deliciously cold treat that puts a smile on my face. Oh and the best part is all of the different flavors that you can choose from! What could be better than a choice in deliciousness? Perfect on a hot day, perfect for my melancholy day.

7. Sunshine
Yeah, it's corny I know. It's just that warm sun on my back makes me happy inside. My mood is actually pretty dictated by the weather. Maybe I was a weather goddess in a past life? Sun makes me happy, clouds make me melancholy. It's true.

8. Book Stores
What better place for a bibliophile to take shelter than a place where they can be surrounded by their favorite thing? I often take off to our local Indie just to converse with the owners and browse, or to the closest B&N to drool over the gorgeous finished books. 

9. The Aquarium
Mostly, and it should probably say this but I don't want to limit myself, dolphins! Fish are so colorful and fun. Oh and dolphins, so cute! They just seem not to have a care in the world. If only we could all be like that, right? It's no wonder that Sea World is one of my favorite places ever.

10. Mom & Me Days
Yes, I am 26 years old. All that means to me is that my mom and I are now best friends. No I'm not kidding :). My mom is one of my favorite people ever. Since I live in such a cool city, she comes down twice a month and we spend the day out shopping, eating, and just wandering around and chatting. My favorite days are these days.

So there you have it! A look into the inner mind of Jessica. 
Very motivated by food, books, and the love of her family members.

What makes you happy?



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