Monday, June 13, 2011

Interviewing Pi from The Sext Crime

Please welcome the fantastic (and funny) Jason Ancona to the blog today! He's on a tour to promote his newest book in the Cover Youth Agency Series, aptly titled The Sext Crime. It's hilarious, I should know, and here's my review so you can know too. Not that I'm peddling the book or anything *whistles*.

Anyway I'm interviewing Pi today! Take a look at this sweet main character and fall in love. I demand it!

1) Hi Pi, welcome to my blog once again! Nice to see you back! Let's start with a challenge. In a tweet (exactly 140 characters) share with us why we should read CYA2: The Sext Crime.

A hacker captured scandalous photos from a girl's phone. He's blackmailing her into doing something against her will. Can't say any more.

2) I know that this time you are working with the student council elections. What is your take on school government? Yay or nay?

I wish school government wasn't a sideshow, where votes are won through showmanship instead of a candidate's merit. Crazy campaign messages and popularity seem to play a large part. I'm in the "yay" camp, though. It is probably good practice if a student is planning on going into politics. They might as well learn how to play the game now. Unfortunately, it seems like the best candidates are the ones who would never run for office.

3) You're going on a secret mission and you can only take one other person with you. Do you take Tollhouse or Lightman? Why?

If the mission calls for undercover work, I take Tollhouse. If the mission calls for hacking or technical skills, I take Lightman.

4) You sir, are quite the dancer! Any plans on going pro? (giggles)

Uh, where did you hear that? I think you have received some bad intel. No, no plans to go pro. I'm still a scared novice.

5) What is one snack food that you simply cannot live without?

Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

6) Last question! Thanks for being a good sport. Can you give your future readers a little bit of a teaser into your latest case?

I suspect that the person who breached the hidden C.Y.A. site on the school network is the same one who is coming after the agency. Not sure if this is related to Operation: Sext Crime. We're actively investigating the Amenta and the Grim Trawler. 

A huge thank you to Jason Ancona for stopping by today!
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