Monday, June 6, 2011

Interviewing Aleah from Stupid Fast, and a giveaway!

Please welcome the fantastic Geoff Herbach to the blog my friends! He is here to promote his book, Stupid Fast, which I absolutely loved and will gush about incessantly if you get me started. It's true.

Geoff has brought Aleah, his MC's love interest, to the blog! He has also brought a lucky readers you. So spoiled ;). Be sure to thank him in the comments!

1. Hi Aleah and welcome! First, a challenge. If you had to describe yourself using only a color, which would you choose and why?

Hi Jessica, thank you for asking. It’s really funny, because I’ve actually thought about this a lot. I am heliotrope, which is a very intense lavender. It has all this sweetness of tone, you know? More on the pink or red end of purple. But it’s also really serious, somehow. I’m sweet, but you definitely don’t want to mess with me, because I just won’t take it. That sounds a little mean, maybe? I don’t mean it mean. Also, heliotrope looks really good on me, which is a good reason to like a color!

2. What was your first impression of Felton?

When I realized he wasn’t a criminal or a weirdo, I just couldn’t stop seeing his eyes. They’re this really intense green and he has almost black hair. I just thought, “He is beautiful.” He is, too.

3. Did you feel any of that "chemistry" or the "fireworks" people talk about so often?

Oh yeah. Especially when I was over at his house the first time, because I was supposed to meet Andrew and watch him play piano. When Felton walked in from the kitchen, I looked up and he sort of towered over everything and then I couldn’t even think or speak and my heart took off running. I still get that feeling around him a lot.

4. Do you have a favorite memory of your time spent in his company?

You’d think it might be cuddling while we watch movies or going for walks, but what I love best about the summer was going on his paper route early in the morning. The best was before I got my bike and he’d peddle me around the neighborhood when the sun was just coming up and everything smelled so fresh. We crashed a couple times, but I felt so safe. Boy, he is really strong.

5. What draws you to playing the piano? I mean, other than that you are completely amazing at it.

When I play piano I forget everything else except for music. I’m not even aware of my hands or arms. It’s like I am music.

6. How would you describe your dad? Do you feel like you have a good relationship with him?

He is the wisest person in the universe, I’m pretty sure. He gets mad at me sometimes, but he doesn’t yell. He can sit back and take a breath and tell me why I’m upsetting him and usually I can see his point, because I can sometimes be a little intense, I suppose. I think my mom wanted him to fight with her more, though. She would scream at him and he’d just sit back there breathing. I do have a good relationship with my dad. I really do.

7. Last question, and thanks again for answering! Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would like to be called in to replace a world renown pianist at the last minute, who maybe got food poisoning and can’t do a concert. I’d like sit down and play in front of a disappointed audience, who thought they’d be seeing that great person play. And, then, by the end of the concert, the whole audience has to jump to their feet to applaud, because they’re just so excited about what they’ve seen, you know? Twenty-six is young to be a famous pianist, so I guess this is how I dream it happens in about ten years. I’d like Felton to be there, too. 

Isn't she just amazing?
It's true that the relationship between her and Felton is adorable, and since Felton is already fantastic, this book is one that you just need to read!

Lucky for you, Geoff is giving away a copy!

You must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada to enter. Please don't forget to leave a comment for Geoff as well, and good luck!

Giveaway ends June 13, 2011.


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