Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chatting with Karyn Henley & a giveaway!

Karyn Henley, author of Breath of Angel and many children's books, is here today! I had fun browsing her Goodreads page, I'll tell you that. So many cute books!

Anyway, she is here to share a bit about what she does when she isn't writing, and was sweet enough to bring along a giveaway! Are you ready?

I’ve learned that I’m always writing, even when I’m not at my computer putting words into sentences. I get great ideas when I’m washing dishes or cleaning the bathtub or taking a shower or walking for exercise. But I do have a hobby: reading. And I bake bread. There’s nothing like homemade bread fresh from the oven slathered with butter. I also have a flower garden, though not a green thumb. I plant whatever I like and hope it grows, which means I’m often disappointed, but I get wonderful surprises, too – like purple-red rhododendrons on a bush four feet tall! I’m also a bird-watcher. Chickadees are nesting in a birdhouse on my back deck, wrens in the nearest tree. I have cardinals, mourning doves, red-breasted woodpeckers, and a gorgeous falcon that makes rare visits . . . maybe that’s why birds play a major role in Breath of Angel.

Thank you for sharing Karyn! 
I too love a good loaf of homemade bread. There's something about pulling it out of the oven and watching it steam. Mmmmm.....

Here is the book trailer for you to enjoy as well! The narrator's voice is mesmerizing.

Sorry, I'll stop drooling now and announce the giveaway!

Up for grabs is one gorgeous bookmark featuring Breath of Angel in all its glory! I do believe that since it is coming straight from Karyn, it will be signed as well!

To enter, fill out the form.

Open to U.S. residents only.

Giveaway ends June 16, 2011.


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