Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating A Need So Beautiful with Random Acts of Kindness!

In case you've been living under a rock and don't know, this gorgeous lady right here is Suzanne Young. One of the nicest, and most talented writers that I have ever had the pleasure to deal with!

And you know what? She has also written one of the most breathtaking books I've read this year. Oh yes, my friends. If you haven't yet heard of A Need So Beautiful then you are missing out. Lucky for you, it's release day! Furthermore, we're giving you a chance to win it because we love it so much. Yup. That's love.

In honor of the release of A Need So Beautiful myself and numerous other bloggers and authors are getting together to share a little bit about someone who touched our lives. In the book, Charlotte touches the lives of many people she doesn't even know. Isn't that how it starts? That one smile, that one touch, can make someones day or week that much better. Here's my story.

Growing up I used to listen to tons of stories from my grandpa. Sure, they were normal grandpa stories about growing up, his life experiences, and people he had met, but they were mine because they were his. My favorite stories were always about what my grandpa called "the balance". Now that I'm older I see that what he was talking about was karma, but for him it was always about keeping the balance between good things that are done for you, and good things that you do for someone else. He always told us, "Nothing is more important than giving of yourself, and lucky for you there's always plenty to go around."

Fast forward 10 years. I'm standing in line with my mom at the grocery store and the elderly man in front of us is fretting over how to pay for his meager groceries. He counts and recounts his money, but there's just not enough there to pay for everything he chose. With a defeated sigh, he asks the cashier to return a rather small cut of nice meat to the counter so he can afford everything else. Sad, right? Well here's what really brought tears to my eyes, and made me love my family so much more. My mom caught the cashier's eye and just nodded at her purse, indicating that she'd pay for it. A small, but meaningful, nod that spoke volumes. The cashier eyed the total and told the man that she had made a mistake in ringing things up, and of course he had plenty of money to pay for everything. His smile....it broke my heart in half and glued it back together stronger than ever.

Now, even when I'm down to the last two dollars in my pocket, I'll give what I have. Another thing my grandpa always said was that "If you have two dollars, you can still afford to give one", and I still truly believe in that. It's the small things that make the biggest difference, and if my time, or my money, or even a smile, can make someones life better for even one day, then I've done my job.

Truly my friends, even 8 years later I still remember that moment. It's kept me going for a long time, and I'll tell my kids about it when I have them. See what I mean about small things? Well that's exactly what we're doing here. Each of us is doing a small part to make sure that A Need So Beautiful and Suzanne Young get the adoration that they deserve!

So, if you're still with me, you've earned some giveaway info. Ready?

Each of the participating blogs has decided to give away something that is a part of themselves, or something they love, as a prize! Up for grabs are the following items:

* First 3 chapters critique from Jessica at Confessions of a Bookaholic
* YA Lit Swag Bag from Sara at Novel Novice
* Finished copy of Hourglass by Myra McEntire from Corrine at Lost for Words
* Random Books from Jessi at The Elliott Review
* 2 Header/Button Packs from Jessica at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile
* First 3 Chapters Critique from Cindy at Books Complete Me
* First 15 pages Critique from Kari at A Good Addiction
* Signed ARC of Hereafter from Kari at A Good Addiction
* Query Letter Critique from Shannon Messenger
* Signed copy of Invincible Summer (US/CAN) from Hannah Moskowitz
* First Chapter Critique and a Skype Chat from Keri Mikulski
* Signed copy of Tell Me a Secret with signed TMAS art print (US) from Holly Cupala
* Signed copy of Chasing Brooklyn (US) from  Lisa Schroeder
* The Pledge Swag Pack including ARC from Kimberly Derting

Pretty amazing right? There will also be 3 winners who will receive a copy of A Need So Beautiful on top of their chosen prize. 

In addition, the awesome Daisy Whitney will be giving away 5 copies of A Need So Beautiful right on her blog as well!

Now, you've been reading and reading and thinking WHEN IS SHE GOING TO TELL US HOW TO WIN?


The easy answer is, fill out this form.

But don't do it yet!

In the spirit of giving back, and making a difference, there are a number of ways to get extra entries into this epic contest. You'll find them below. Please make sure you are ready to input all of your entries at the same time, so you don't enter more than once. Entering more than once will disqualify you from winning.

Earn one extra entry for each of the following:
Take a picture of an author's book in the wild and tweet it to us and the author
Post a positive Amazon review for a book you loved
Donate a book to a library or classroom
Tweet a good deed you plan to do this week, using the #ANeedSoBeautiful hashtag

Earn 10 extra entries for each of the following:
Take a picture of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL in the wild and tweet it to us and Suzanne Young
Post an Amazon review for A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL
Donate a copy of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL to a library or classroom

So get those entries ready and enter to win! You don't need to enter on the other blogs, since all the links are the same, but please make sure to visit and read their stories as well.




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