Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 7th and 8th Paths are solved!

Ready for some more Nine Paths fun?

The Mai symbol for foe is what you see right there to the left. The 7th Path centered around this symbol. Who is Chloe's foe? Well I intended to find out.

We were sent a package with a business card (notice the odd edge) and a pen. Upon opening them I made sure to look all over each, and even took the pen apart. Oh don't judge me, ABC Family and the Mai can be tricky! However it was the back of the card that held the secret.

It told me to "Check the box" and so I did, only to very quickly find that the edge of the envelope in there matched the edge of the card perfectly! Put them together I did, and.....

Yes that says HUNTER. Pretty cool right? After putting that as a password into the files hidden in my MaiPad, I found Chloe's foe. It is none other than the president of Rezza Capital. That evil man! Here is the video I saw.

Now on to the 8th Path!

This one started with two packages that showed up at the same time. Needless to say that my interest was peaked. I opened them both up and found this:

Needless to say that was kind of interesting. A warning that says I should be careful of people contacting me mysteriously, and what should I get, but a postcard from a random person. Coincidence? I think not! That little pendant in the middle is a protection pendant. Looks like I'll need it.

This is what I saw when I flipped the postcard over. Creepy right? Oh, it gets worse. After looking closely at the signature, I decided that it kind of looked like a url. I typed it into the navigation bar and, well let's just say Chloe needs to be worried.

Stalker anyone?

That's the end of 8th Path so far, but you can win a protection charm of your very own!

Just head here:
and type in the code word DECEPTION to snag a protection charm for yourself! Enjoy everyone, and thanks so much for playing along with me!



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