Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 6th Path!

Ready for some more Chloe King and Nine Paths goodness? The show is only 5 days away! Are you excited? I AM! Again, there is still time to start playing if you haven't already. Get over to this link and start playing. The prizes are well worth it!

Let's start off where I last left you shall we? At the end of the last post I shared with you that my next clue had shown up, and so I'll start from the beginning of the 6th Path!

I woke up to this awesome shirt in the mail, and was instantly intrigued. Isn't it cool? I was curious as to what that symbol on the shirt meant.

Here's a closer look at the symbol, which I looked up in my MaiPad and found meant "foe".

Here is what was written on the card that came with the shirt:

The enclosed garment will lead you down the Sixth Path. You must examine it very closely to hear what you need to hear. Try to remember every detail you discover along this Path.
We need you to report what you hear back to the Mai via Email in order to receive the last challenge of this dangerous Path.

Lo and behold, look what I found inside the shirt!

Near the neck:

Near the bottom of the shirt:

So of course I called the phone number, and when it asked for the extension, what else could I do but enter the number 99? See below transcription to read what I heard!

We believe the Uniter is here, in San Francisco. If this girl is, in fact, The Uniter, remember she has nine lives. You must eliminate this threat. One word of caution, it has come to our attention that a group called The Circle is helping the Mai. Do not allow them to get in your way. I repeat: Do not allow The Circle to get in your way. Eliminate the threat.

Ready for the cool part?
You can get a Foe shirt of your very own! See that word "threat" right there twice? Go the website, enter the code "threat" and win your own shirt!

Thanks for playing along! More clues coming soon!


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