Monday, May 16, 2011

Teenage Garage Sale - Liz Gallagher's Edition!

Being grilled on the blog today is Liz Gallagher, author of recently published My Not So Still Life. She's here today to share a little bit about her past in a post that we invented on The Teen {Book} Scene called "Teenage Garage Sale". Let's see what things we might be able to buy if we went back to Liz's teen days!

Ooh, fun. Picturing my old room …

I'd have oodles of cassette tapes to sell. As a young teen, I wouldn't have parted with any New Kids on the Block or Debbie Gibson. They would've been priceless. Now … a considerably lower price.

My collection of GAP sweaters. They were all oversized. Why did we think that was cute?

My hair crimper. Also my spiral curler. Lots of scrunchies too. Those would still be useful today! High price tag!

My Nintendo 64, complete with Super Mario Bros. I used to play for hours, listening to Temple of the Dog.

My softball mitt. Priceless. It's very well broken in!

Lots of earrings ... I think I got a second hole pierced in my ears when I was still a pre-teen. Eventually it got up to a total of seven holes. Now I just wear jewelry in the first one, if at all.

Piles of TEENBEAT magazine. I actually wrote them a letter that got published once! I was very into the show "Life Goes On" and I went to meet the actor (and heartthrob!) Tommy Puett at a car show. I wrote in about how nice he was, and they printed the note. I had his autographed photo by my bed for years and years! That could go in the garage sale too, come to think of it.

Wow, thanks for the walk down memory lane. This would be a fun exercise to do for a character too. Hmm…


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