Friday, May 20, 2011

OyMG Tens List!

Today I have Amy Fellner Dominy, author of OyMG, here to share a tens list! This one is a little special, as it is a list of Yiddish quotes. Yup, Yiddish! Read the book and you'll understand. It's fantastic! ENJOY! (Number 2 is by far my favorite.)

There’s a character in OyMG who says exactly what he thinks, talks to dead people, eats cookies for breakfast and loves to quote wisdom in a foreign language. The character is Ellie’s grandfather, Zeydeh, and the language is Yiddish. Yiddish is a mix of German and Hebrew and was first spoken by Jewish people hundreds of years ago. (Many of the Yiddish proverbs you’ve probably heard before, but didn’t know where they originated.) So, in honor of Zeydeh and his love of Yiddish quotes, here is my top ten list:

10. When a fool is silent, he too is counted among the wise.
9. Small children don’t let you sleep; big children don’t let you rest.
8. If you spit upwards, you're bound to get it back in the face.
7. Do not worry about tomorrow, because you do not even know what may happen to you today.
6. In the mirror everyone sees his best friend.
5. A sleepless night is the worst punishment.
4. A wise man hears one word and understands two.
3. A half truth is a whole lie.
2. Don't spit into the well--you might drink from it later.
1. A boil is fine as long as it’s under someone else’s arm.


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