Monday, May 30, 2011

Meeting Amalie Howard & a giveaway!

Amalie Howard is stopping by today to promote her debut novel, Bloodspell on an epic blog tour! I'm lucky enough to have a special bio to post in her honor. She even brought a giveaway with her, you lucky people you. Spoiled, that's what we are. As a book blogger, I love to learn more about authors so this was great for me! Take a look!

My Twitter handle says that I’m a “writer, mother, dreamer, jedi, superhero, evil genius, and part-time lunatic.” That’s me in a nutshell.

I write books for young adults because I have a thirteen-year-old girl with braces and scrunchies prancing around inside of me – imagine having to give her a time-out for an inner-tantrum? No thank you! That’s the mother in me coming out. With three kids under six, time-outs are a necessity for what I call ‘saving mommy’s sanity.’ Anyway, I let my inner-child express herself via my writing. That way, we’re both happy.

I’ve always been a dreamer, all the way back to high school when I’d get caught red-handed for staring out the window lost in some reverie that was way more thrilling than algebra. The shame of getting caught was worth it though—even for thirty seconds of riding on a unicorn on top of the clouds. Did I mention that I had a wild imagination?

Moving on, I secretly am a jedi (waves hand in jedi mind-trick motion). See? Convinced, you are.

My inner superhero is probably the Phoenix, because she embodies life and passion. I’m fascinated by this character because she is so consumed by her own state of being, neither good nor bad. In some ways, she makes me think of Victoria, the protagonist in my novel, Bloodspell, who stands on a similar precarious edge of choice and consequence.

I don’t exactly consider myself to be an evil genius. I’m not evil and I’m no genius. But I do tend to do the evil laugh and sit drumming my fingertips together while practicing ominous eyebrow lifts, so I guess that counts. Plus, Megamind is my hero.

Lastly, I say that I am a part-time lunatic. I definitely don’t mean that in the mental sense, I’m thinking more of being wild, foolish and impulsive. I think we all need to allow ourselves to give vent to our eccentric idiosyncrasies once in a while. For example, I love dancing in my living room or screaming Katy Perry or Queen lyrics in my car. Letting loose is liberating, although I do recommend doing it when no one else is around!

Isn't she fabulous? 
I bet you're loving this book now right? Well you're in luck, it's giveaway time!

Open to U.S. residents only, one copy of Bloodspell is up for grabs!

To enter, fill out the form! Don't forget to leave a comment for Amalie as well!

Giveaway ends June 6, 2011.



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