Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mai Heritage - The Second Path!

Hey all! Are you ready for some more Mai goodness with The Nine Lives of Chloe King?

So I'm still not sure if the clues I'm getting are the same ones all you playing from home are.

Today I was sent this very pretty kitty, and asked to answer three key questions about its origin in order to be able to move ahead. This was a tricky one! I spent quite a bit of time on Google, but I got it!

I was then directed to this video and asked to share it with you, my awesome followers. It contains more background into the Mai and their heritage. Apparently this information is very important as we continue our journey together!

Fascinating right? I made sure to declare my commitment! I'm going to fully admit that this game, and this show, have me hooked! June 14th cannot come fast enough!

Now then, if you aren't playing yet (and why aren't you gosh darnit?) you can join all of the fun at this link here:

Grand prize is a visit to the set!

Thanks for listening to the rambling and good luck on your journey as well!


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