Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interviewing Luc from Compulsion & Giveaway!

Today I am lucky enough to have Luc here on the blog! He is one of the characters in Heidi Ayarbe's new book, Compulsion, and he is seriously fascinating. Cocky, arrogant, and pretty gosh darn delicious....just saying. Anyway I'll let him have the floor!

Hi Luc, and welcome! (fans self) If you were to make the newspaper front page, what would the headline read?

World Cup News: Camacho Leads USA to the Promised Land

What? Why not?

How would you describe your friendship with Jake?



Okay. He’s a total guev√≥n, and the best mid-fielder I’ve ever known. He gets what soccer is – like for real. Not some pastime, you know. He lives the game. Not a lot of guys do that. Mierda, I don’t even do that. Live the game.

Sure he’s a good friend. Like in the solid kind of way. You don’t have to explain shit to him. He’s just there. Solid.

If you didn't have soccer, what do you think you'd be doing?

Between us? And if this gets out, I’ll deny it.

I sing. And pretty freaking good. Like way good.  Not singing-in-the-shower singing but the real deal. 

Maybe I’d be in some kind of choir or band or something.  No. Choir is gay. Band is hot. I could start a band. Like  Ekimoses. You heard of them? That’s where Juanes started. You’ve heard of Juanes, right. I could totally go that route.

Would you enjoy it more?

Well, yeah. Think of the chicks. Not a bad gig.

I hear you're quite the ladies man. What is it about Amy that's caught your eye, and made you settle down with her more than playing the field?

*coughs* Settle down? Dude, she’s a nice chick and all, but it’s not like we’re engaged or anything. She’s low-key. Some of those Emos are pretty heavy into transcendental stuff. Philosophy. Amy’s just the right kind of  interesting enough and hot enough. Tough combo.

After Senior year, though, we’ll probably have one of those teary movie-scene good byes and go our separate ways.

Do you think your relationship with Jake and Mera would have turned out differently if they had fully realized what was going on with your parents?

Dude, we were what? Eight? Seven? I don’t even remember. Shit, I didn’t even know what was going on with my parents. It’s like when you live with that kind of shit, you think it’s normal. Then something clicks that says it’s not. Whatever. My dad died, anyway. And that’s’ okay, too, because he was a mean hijo de puta.

Are you bitter that Jake often turned a blind eye to the signs?

What could he do? My dad was one big fucking dude. And scary. What was he supposed to do, put on a Spidey suit and save us? Whatever. We’re cool. You’ve gotta let that stuff go, you know. It’s not all Dr. Phil and emotional damage for life drama. El Viejo died. Amen.

Are you happy knowing your next step after high school is going to be working in your family's auto shop?

Yeah.  I’m okay with that because I like cars. Fixing them up. My brothers and I spend most of our free time in the garage. Problem is, it’s not like mechanics get laid because they’re mechanics, you know. Well, most don’t. Unless you’re like Smokey Yunik, mechanic extraordinaire. But I’m really good at cars. They’re easy to me. Comfortable. So, yeah, I’ll like it. It’ll be nice to kick Jake’s ass at something for a chance. The guy can’t even parallel park.

Do you want something more?

I like Carson. I like my family. I like cars. So, um, no. Maybe a singing gig or something. Maybe I’ll try out for American Idol one year. Who knows?

And because the ladies want to know.... boxers or briefs? ;)

CK Boxer Briefs.  Of course.


Ahem. Let me compose myself a moment. What was I going to say? Oh yes! We have a giveaway today too!

Heidi Ayarbe has sweetly offered up a signed bookplate and a DVD of a PENA MAXIMA, which she believes would probably be a movie that best describes dear Luc. I'd be apt to agree. Here is the movie synopsis:
PENA MAXIMA from Colombian director Jorge Echeverri is both a comedy and criticism of Colombian's obsession with soccer. Colombia's team has a chance to make the World Cup cut. It all depends on this game against Argentina. Mariano Concha, fanatic of Colombia, has bet his entire life savings on the game, and on the way to the stadium to watch the game, his uncle dies and his family expects him to accompany them.

Funny. Satirical. It's a window into the obsession Colombians have with soccer -- the place it takes in their lives.

Want to win?

Fill out THIS FORM.

Comments, while always appreciated, will not be counted as entires. See the contest guidelines for more information on entering. 

Giveaway ends May 9, 2011. U.S. entries only please. 


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