Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do YOU iClue? Clue the FIRST.

Adele Griffin is taking over my blog today for the iClue mystery game, and I'm happy to let her! It's no lie that's she's seriously awesome.

The First iClue! 

Have you read Adele Griffin’s mini-mystery starring Jessie from TIGHTER? If not, click here.

Now I'll let her take it away with the clue for today.

Hey, Everyone. It’s my week up to bat for the fabulous Roecker sisters’ iClue Mystery. Solve my mystery, and you’ll have the password that will enter you for a grand prize of an iPod Touch. 

Good luck! And I hope you enjoy this week’s mysterious tale . . . 

STORY: My new novel, TIGHTER is about Jamie, who arrives on the fictional New England island of Little Bly to work as an au-pair—and is caught up in the disastrous events of what happened the year before. But my iClue mystery-ette centers on the tragic Jessie Feathering, whose white-hot romance last summer proved to be as irresistible as it was fatal. 

To read the story and get started on the mystery, click here to visit the official iClue site, then click my name for this mystery. Check back every day this week for links to the clues so you can solve the mystery and enter for the grand prize of an iPod Touch. 

Good Luck!


The white noise surrounding her faded off as Jessie blinked down at her emails. The screaming and squawking of the hungry seagulls. Her friends, Emory and Noogie, giggling over nothing together. That overplayed Bruno Mars song that the lifeguard loved too much.

Sandwiched between a Spam from FreePeople.com about their summer sale and a note from her Dad’s assistant—probably reminding her about her dental checkup, the message is from patronsaintof@gmail.com.

“That’s so not a valid account.” She was talking to herself; guiltily, she looked up and around. Any other day, she’d have tossed it unopened into her trash. But she had a feeling about today—that it would be more dangerous to ignore this creepy game than to play along.

Her finger double-clicked and opened to a vintage photo of a group of men seated both comfortably and precariously on a steel beam, high over the city, of a building under construction.

But now Emory was breathing down her neck. “What the . . . ?” She snatched the phone and tossed it to Noogie, who sniggered. “Patron Saint of? That some new club?”
“No, Jessie’s a sinner,” said Emory, “and now she’s got the Church after her.”
“And we all know why,” added Noogie, pointedly.
Jessie snatched back the phone and rolled her eyes. “Whatever. If pictures of old-timey construction workers are sending me a message, it’s pretty cryptic.”

But she didn’t like the feeling of the other girls’ eyes on her, or the implication of Noogie’s remark. A girl could play, right? And she’d have to do a lot worse around here to get the Church after her. She stared at the photo. Patron Saint of Buildings? And did this image relate to the card on her windshield this morning?

She suspected it did.


Check Adele’s blog tomorrow for a link to the next clue. Get the password on this mystery, and you can be entered for a chance to win an iPod Touch in the iClue contest! http://www.wix.com/landlroecker/iclue/a-griffin


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