Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Fever Swap - Sign Up!


Lack of good spring weather got you down? Feeling like you need a little color in your life? A little excitement? Well look no further!

What is a "swap" you ask? Let me put it this way. You give something, you get something! Simple as that. Read more below if you're interested.

The Basics:

If you don't know what a swap is, here's what it's all about:

Everyone enjoys getting a package in the mail. Unfortunately there isn't always a reason to give a gift. So....I create my own gift giving holidays! Give something, get something. That's how a swap works!

If you are interested all you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of the page! I'll then match you with someone who you "groove" with, and TA-DA you have a swap partner. 

Now I must warn you, secrecy is the name of the game! Unless you REALLY want to know who's sending your package, it'll be a surprise! You will be emailed information about who you'll be sending your "Spring Fever" package to. Then at the end you'll link a post with a big thank you to the person who sent your package, along with a photo of what you got! After all, we love to gush over goodies!

The theme is Spring, so here are the requirements for the packages:
(1) "Spring Read" Book
- To me Spring means light, airy reads that are enjoyed sitting in the sunshine. What does it mean to you? Pick a book that you think best embodies that! (This can be something you have already, purchase in good condition at a thrift store, or even something off the sale rack.)

(1) Spring Organization Item
- Spring is all about cleaning, organizing and starting fresh! Consider putting in a small memo pad, a fridge calendar, or even some fun pencils.

(1) Spring Miscellany Item
- Make this one all about your partner! It can be candy, a small trinket, anything at all. This item is totally your choice!

Once you've included these items, you can add anything else you'd like to your recipient's package! Be fun, be intentional, enjoy!

Official Rules and Regulations:

This swap is open Internationally! I will, however, need at least one person in the U.S. to mail Internationally, and vice versa.

15$ MINIMUM + shipping. This means that you MUST spend at least 15 dollars - no less. I want to make sure that everyone is fair. You could spend a few more dollars if you wish to do so, but that is completely up to you. Shipping is extra. Please take some time in getting thoughtful items for your partner! Don't just stop at the gas station and pick something up - think about whether the items you get are something you yourself would like to receive.

Just to be on the safe side, please do not send the following to ANYONE: tobacco products, alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, weapons, or pornographic material. If shipping perishable items, consider the heat!

Members are required to get Delivery Confirmation with their packages and email me the number! You can find my email by clicking the envelope icon to the right. If I do not have a confirmation from you by two weeks before the delivery deadline I will remind you.

Once you get your package, please post about it! Share what you received, post pictures, and thank your partner! Don't have a blog? No problem! Send me a picture and your thank you note, and I will post it for you.


(I don't want anyone to end up without a package.)

All participants must be signed up by May 1st. This will ensure I have plenty of time to pair everyone, and get emails out. Plus it will give you lots of time to choose items for your partner! I will consider taking late signups if the participant is willing to ship by the deadline!

All packages must be sent by May 30th. You are more than welcome to send early, but please make sure your package is out by the deadline to ensure that everyone receives theirs around the same time.

In the form below, put some info about yourself to give to your partner. Let them know things like:

Favorite flavors
Favorite scents
Any allergies?
Favorite color and pattern
Favorite music
Favorite movies/tv shows
Favorite books/authors
Favorite accessories
Clothing/shoe/bracelet/ring size
Things you collect
Other interests

If I missed any information that you are curious about, please let me know in the comments. I'll answer you straight away!


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