Friday, March 4, 2011

This or That? with Neesha Meminger

Hello my dear readers! Are you in for a treat today or what? The awesome posts just keep on coming this week and I'm loving it!

Today we have Neesha Meminger, author of Jazz In Love, stopping by to share some of her favorite things in another round of This or That? I'll provide more info about her book at the bottom, and you can check out my review too if you're interested.

I always love these posts because I like to see how we match one another! I'll let her take it away!


Chocolate or fruit flavored candy?


Ocean or the pool?

Hmm . . . I'll say ocean because I don't get to swim in it as much as the pool. 

Hug or kiss? 

Hug :). 

Read inside or read outside?

Inside, especially if it's as frigid as it has been outside! 

Dance or sing? 


Go for a walk, or go for a run?

Neither, but more a walk than a run. 

Almonds or cashews? 

Almonds. Preferably roasted and covered in chocolate.  

Cliffhangers or happy endings?

Happy endings! I am a sucker for HEA (happily-ever-after) endings, especially.


Don't we all love a happy ending? The guy gets the girl, the bad guy gets what is coming to him, it's the best!

Now I'm sure you want to go and add Jazz In Love to your reading list so let me help you!

Jasbir, a.k.a. Jazz, has always been a stellar student and an obedient, albeit wise-cracking, daughter. Everything has gone along just fine--she has good friends in the "genius" program she's been in since kindergarten, her teachers and principal adore her, and her parents dote on her. But now, in her junior year of high school, her mother hears that Jazz was seen hugging a boy on the street and goes ballistic. Mom immediately implements the Guided Dating Plan, which includes setting up blind dates with "suitable," pre-screened Indian candidates. The boy her mother sets her up with, however, is not at all what anyone expects; and the new boy at school, the very UNsuitable hottie, is the one who sets Jazz's blood boiling. When Jazz makes a few out-of-the-ordinary decisions, everything explodes, and she realizes she'll need a lot more than her genius education to get out of the huge mess she's in. Can Jazz find a way to follow her own heart, and still stay in the good graces of her parents?



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