Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway: Karen Metcalf

Sharing my blog today is Karen Metcalf, author of In the Storm. Let's give her a warm welcome shall we?

If you some how managed to miss my fanatical review yesterday, you can find it here. This book is unique in the most wonderful kind of way! To say I recommend it is pretty much putting it lightly.

Karen has stopped by today with a guest post about YA romance, and was also sweet enough to bring along a giveaway! So without further ado, I'll let her have the floor.
Many YA novels include an element of romance, including mine. I think this is partly because our teen years typically include our first experiences with love. This “puppy love” is sometimes more intense than any we will experience for the rest of our lives.

YA is also popular with the older crowd, so I asked my mom why. She told me it takes her back to an easier time in their life. They say that the teen years are the best in our life, and upon reflection, I think many of us agree. Sure there are romance novels out there that are just as popular, but there is something different about YA. It’s nice to think about that young love again, especially 20 years later.

Everyone remembers the excitement of a first love; the first contact, the emotions and hormones, the first kiss. It is what we remember as we grow older, and first loves will always hold a place in our heart. At that time in our lives, nothing was as important. The sun rose and set by that somebody. We were willing to run away, lie, and sneak out to be with that person even if only for a few minutes. We daydreamed about them, waited by the phone, and couldn’t wait for school the next day. It was exciting. We miss it. We learn that it doesn’t happen like that anymore as we grow older. YA allows us to go back to that time, and experience those emotions again. Few mediums in life can do that for us, which is why I will always love YA.
Ah love, especially that first love. It's so true that every time I read about a romance in YA I get a little misty eyed! It's nice to remember how it felt to get so wrapped up in someone else. I digress though.

It's GIVEAWAY time!

Up for grabs are three digital copies of In the Storm by Karen Metcalf. 

Winners will be provided a code that allows them access to either a .PDF, .MOBI or .EPUB format book, so no matter what eReader you have you're good to go!

Open Internationally, giveaway ends 4/3.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below for Karen, along with your email address to contact you if you win! For an extra entry, feel free to leave her a comment on my review as well.



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