Monday, March 28, 2011

Character Tweets - Hickey of the Beast

Intrigued by the title?

Oh trust me, you should be. I definitely was! In case you are wondering this is the newest serial novel being released by Candlemark & Gleam. If you're not sure what I mean, let me explain. This means you'll have the treat of reading this book, chapters at a time, via subscription. You can read more about it here.

Character tweets are where we see what these characters would be like just chatting like friends on Twitter. I love these posts! How much more real can it get then Twitter? Enjoy!


PerConnie: Okay, Universe. You can either give me creepy dreams all of fall term or you can let seven in the morning exist. Not both.

Jen65: @PerConnie: You can’t stop time? What kind of a wussy psychic are you?

PerConnie: @Jen65: Oh, yeah. My powers are weak because I can’t BREAK PHYSICS. I’m crushed.

AutumnBreeze: @Jen65: Besides, that kind of thing always goes wrong.

Jen65: @AutumnBreeze: You never know until you try.

AutumnBreeze: @Jen65: And get stuck in the math class that never ends. No thanks.

PerConnie: @AutumnBreeze: I’d worry more about the eternal All-School Meeting.

AmandasFoster: @AutumnBreeze: The eternal whatnow? Is that like homeroom?

PerConnie: @AmandasFoster: Yeah, but only once a week, and with extra “inspirational” stuff. Like homeroom run by the people who make After-School Specials.

AutumnBreeze: @PerConnie: Oh, the speeches aren’t so bad.

Jen65: @PerConnie: By which you mean “your mom.”

AmandasFoster: @Jen65: You can’t go wrong with that line. Sorry, Connie.

PerConnie: @AmandasFoster: Whatever. I saw that one coming a mile away. @Jen65: Hey, Mom doesn’t set the agenda for those. That’s OSL.

AmandasFoster: @PerConnie: OSL?

PerConnie: @AmandasFoster: Office of Student Life. They run parties and ice cream nights, but they also make you do trust falls and sit through parietal meetings.

AutumnBreeze: @PerConnie: There’s a cosmic balance there somewhere.

AmandasFoster: You people are weird. And I don’t just mean the X-Files stuff.


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