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Book Review: Kat, Incorrigible

Twelve-year-old Kat Stephenson may be the despair of her social-climbing Step-Mama, but she was born to be a magical Guardian and protector of Society--if she can ever find true acceptance in the secret Order that expelled her own mother. She’s ready to turn the hidebound Order of the Guardians inside-out, whether the older members like it or not. And in a society where magic is the greatest scandal of all, Kat is determined to use all her powers to help her three older siblings--saintly Elissa, practicing-witch Angeline, and hopelessly foolish Charles--find their own true loves, even if she has to turn highwayman, battle wild magic, and confront real ghosts along the way!

--From Goodreads

Intended Reading Group: 
Middle Grade/YA

Content Screening:
Clean! No cussing, no inappropriate scenes. This is a young reader friendly book!


Cover Inspection:
Absolutely adorable! That girl on the cover could most definitely be Kat. I miss the days of tons of animated/hand drawn covers!

First Thoughts:
Oh Kat! She has my heart from the first page just because she's such a rebellious little girl.


My Review:
Oh my goodness did I love this book! I'll admit that what caught my eye was the word Incorrigible in the first place. It's a word I really don't think gets used enough, but when it's used to describe a twelve year old girl named Kat...well of course I'm going to have to pick the book up and read it! Needless to say I wasn't at all disappointed and in fact I think I've found a new favorite series!

Kat, Incorrigible is the story of twelve year old Kat Stephenson and her wild adventures. Set in the 1800s, we see a much different view of women in general. Kat is constantly being lectured about manners and propriety by her stepmother. Their one goal in life is meant to be staying in good social standing in order to marry well. Her sisters seem to understand this and do their best to follow the rules. Kat however? Well to say she is willful is even an understatement. Her intelligence and stubborn nature mesh together to make a perfectly lovable and strong female character. After all, Kat refuses to conform to social standards and that is what makes her so much fun to follow!

My favorite part about this book by far were the characters. The love between Elissa, Angeline and Kat was realistic and evident, even down to the banter they had as sisters. As for the other characters, they each had their own unique and wonderful personalities. As they drifted in and out of the story I was struck by how well they were written! Down to Lady Graves, who we only meet for a short while, they all had their purpose. Whether it was to empower Kat or to focus her, each character in this story was fascinating. I've honestly never had more fun tying it all together!

I wish I could say more, but I don't want to ruin even a bit of this for you. This story is a mixture of magic, historical fiction,  romance and even a bit of hidden commentary on family bonds. It is a little over the top to be sure, but aren't the best books always like that? I wish this book had been around for me to read before bed when I was younger.  Action, battles of wit, and enough humor to make you giggle out loud more than a few times; that is what you will find in this story. I truly think this is the perfect book to keep the interest of tween or teen! I mean honestly, I'm in my mid-twenties and I was totally engrossed in this book myself. Stephanie Burgis has written a truly delightful character in Kat and I can't wait for more of her antics!

Book Details
Title: Kat, Incorrigible
Author: Stephanie Burgis
Publisher: Antheneum
Pages: Hardcover; 304
Source: Received through GalleyGrab for review.
FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Final Rating: 5 Keys to My Heart


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