Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because I love it, that's why!

I'm sure as followers of my blog, and thus lovers of literature, you've heard it before.

WHY do you spend so much time reading?

Do you get paid to blog? NO! Then why do you do it?


Well, although the answer to that last one is a definite yes, I'm here to give those people an answer. Are you ready? It's a pretty simple one if I do say so myself.


Why do I read? I read because getting lost in a book is my favorite way to relax. I read because picking up a new book is like exploring a new world, and picking up an old book is like visiting with an old friend. Mainly though, I read because it is just so much fun! Do you know how many amazing stories there are out there, just waiting to be told? I do, and I want them all. Can we please figure out a way to go without sleep?

Why do I blog? I blog because it makes me happy. I blog because seeing comments where people discover new books, by reading what I wrote, makes me a bit giddy each and every time! Most of all, I blog because it's an outlet for the pent up book lover trapped in my head. You know the one; constantly yelling at you to hurry up and go get the newest book in your favorite series. If I didn't blog I might start yelling random book recommendations at people on the street....

Not good.

Lastly. I DO get paid. How you ask? Oh my dear people, I get paid in the best currency of all. UNDERSTANDING. If you are reading this blog (and still reading this post after all my rambling) I know that I've found a fellow bibliophile to chat with. I have found someone to trade recommendations with, share ohmygoshthatwassoawesome moments with when I'm reading a book, and best of all I've found someone who will actually listen to my opinion (hopefully without rolling their eyes). All those books I get? Just the icing on the cake. I'd take awesome friends and comments any day of the week.

So my friends, the next time someone asks you one of those million dollar questions about your book habits you can simply reply: Because I love it, that's why!

Who needs more of an explanation?


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